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Introducing Growth Technology Rootzone

Growth Technology Rootzone is an organic based additive specially formulated to be used in conjunction with nutrients throughout the entire life cycle of a plant.

It comprises a unique blend of marine and plant extracts, fulvic acid, and a small quantity of thiamine and potassium, all aimed at promoting robust root development.

The concept behind Growth Technology Rootzone is firmly rooted in the principles of nature, recognising that optimum root health directly translates to optimal plant health and vigorous growth.

This additive goes beyond mere root stimulation, it actively nurtures overall plant development.

The extended development period of Growth Technology Rootzone can be attributed to our dedication to perfecting our inaugural venture into organic nutrients, given our extensive background in mineral nutrition.

The efficacy of Growth Technology Rootzone has been thoroughly validated through twelve in-house trials and an additional 97 external trials, confirming its transformative impact as a true game-changer in the industry.


Add to your regular liquid fertiliser such as Growth Technology Foliage Focus or Growth Technology Complete Focus.

Cuttings & Seedlings: 0.5ml per litre of water + your regular liquid fertiliser

Juvenile and Mature: 1 ml per litre of water + your regular liquid fertiliser

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