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Is your garden experiencing sluggish growth and stunted plant development? Unlock the solution with Growth Technology (GT) Liquid Nitrogen to address and prevent nitrogen deficiency, guaranteeing your plants achieve their maximum potential.

Key points - 

  • Nitrogen Deficiency Remedy: Combat slow growth and stunted plants caused by nitrogen deficiency. GT Liquid Nitrogen delivers the crucial nitrogen for robust plant development, preventing further garden distress.

  • Leaf Revitalization: Experience the transformation of your plant leaves from a pale green to a vibrant, healthy shade with GT Liquid Nitrogen. Bid farewell to yellowing leaves, starting with the older ones.

  • Improved Yield and Quality: Tackle nitrogen deficiency to avoid premature maturation and low yield. Addressing this issue ensures a plentiful harvest of high-quality produce.

Use -

To correct & prevent nitrogen deficiency where plants are slow growing and stunted. Leaves turn light green, then yellow - older leaves first. Deficient plants may also mature early with reduced yield & quality. 

Dilute - 

2mL per litre of water & use weekly until problem is corrected.

Foliar Feed - 

Dilute 1mL per litre of water. Spray in low light conditions.

Typical Analysis - 

  • Nitrogen 75g/L

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