The 5 Best Hydroponic Nutrients Australia

In the ever-growing world of hydroponics, one of the most crucial choices a grower makes is selecting the right nutrients. Whether you're interested in the best nutrients for coco or seeking the best hydroponic grow nutrients, our guide breaks down all the options, helping you make the perfect choice for your indoor or outdoor system.

With countless brands, compositions, and types on the market, finding the perfect match for your system can be a little daunting. This guide is here to simplify your search, providing insights into the top nutrients for hydroponics available today in Australia. 

Things to Consider Before Buying

What Medium You Are Growing In

The growing medium you choose can greatly influence the type of nutrient solution you'll need. Some brands take the intricacy of the hydroponic process one step further by creating specialised ranges tailored for specific growing mediums. For instance, if you are growing in some variation of DWC (deep water culture) we always advise using nutrients that are specifically formulated for this type of system. We'll go deeper in to this in the article. 

Is Organic a Factor

Choosing between organic or synthetic nutrients depends on your gardening goals. Organic nutrients, derived from natural sources, can improve the overall health of your system by promoting beneficial microbial activity. On the other hand, synthetic nutrients offer precise control over nutrient levels, and they're often more readily absorbed by plants. If environmental sustainability and natural gardening practices align with your ethos, organic nutrients would be a perfect fit.

A top hydroponic nutrients list wouldn't be complete without an organic option. Therefore, for the organic gardeners out there we added our best recommendation for organic hydroponic nutrients

The Price

As with any purchase, cost plays a crucial role. The price of hydroponic nutrients can vary greatly depending on the brand, composition, concentration, and whether they're organic or synthetic. While it may be tempting to go for the cheapest option, remember that quality often comes at a price. Your plants' health and yield are directly tied to the nutrients they receive, so consider it a worthy investment and strike a balance between cost and quality.

Best Nutrients for Hydroponics Summary

  1. Green Planet Nutrients
  2. House and Garden Nutrients
  3. Bio Diesel Nutrients
  4. Growth Technology
  5. Professor's Nutrients

As we dive deeper into discussions on the best nutrients in Hydroponics, there will be consistent reference to a few key terms. So we need to make sure we are on the same page with a couple of them.

What are Base Nutrients in Hydroponics?

Base nutrients function as the foundation of a nutrient program, supplying essential nourishment that promotes plant development from germination to harvest. They are typically applied to a plant throughout the entire lifecycle and serve as the building blocks of any Hydroponic Nutrient program. 

What are Additives & Supplements in Hydroponics?

You can still receive OK results with decent base nutrient system. However, for optimum growth and bigger yields, growers will need to incorporate specific elements at crucial growth stages into their hydroponic systems. This strategic enhancement to your primary nutrient system becomes evident in the improved yield size and quality.


What Are the Best Nutrients For Hydroponics?

When discussing the best nutrients in hydroponics, it is crucial to consider the brand behind them. Opting for a trusted brand is extremely important. In our selection, we have identified five brands that have established a track record of producing high-quality, scientifically supported nutrients in Australia.

1. Green Planet Nutrients

Our pick for best nutrients for coco
  • Award winning.
  • 2-Part or 3-Part base system
  • Approved for medicinal production, so you know you are getting a quality tested product.

About the Brand

Green Planet Nutrients is a British Columbia based company specialising in the manufacture of quality fertilisers for commercial & medicinal indoor gardening, hydroponic and hobby greenhouse market, now serving some of the biggest medicinal & commercial growers in the world. 

Along with the tools for success(the worlds best medicinal fertilisers), Green Planet also gives growers the support they need. Whether growing under one light or 10000, Green Planet offers specialist technical support and laboratory analysis wherever required. From strain-specific needs to troubleshooting tips and tricks for every situation, Green Planet want to help growers succeed.

The Base Nutrients

Green Planet Nutrients base nutrients are suitable for pretty much all soilless grow media and is our goto recommendation for the coco grower. With Green Planet you can be sure you are getting top quality as many medicinal and commercial productions are using these nutrients at scale. 

Green Planet Nutrients have 2 base nutrient options.

The 2-Part Dual Fuel feed program.

Regardless if you're just dipping your toes into cultivation or you're a seasoned grower operating at a commercial scale, Green Planet's 2-part Dual Fuel Feed Program empowers you to meticulously adjust your garden conditions for optimised yield. This program ensures that you can aim for bigger and better harvests every time!

The 3-Part GP3 feed program. 

3-Part nutrient programs are among the most popular fertilisers in the industry. Made for experienced growers, Green Planet Nutrients 3-Part system offers your plants everything they need in 3 bottles. They include vital micronutrients such as copper, boron, and zinc, in addition to balanced proportions of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The distribution of these 3-Part nutrients is modulated across different stages of propagation, growth, and blooming, rendering them an ideal fertiliser choice for growers seeking optimum results. 

Check out Green Planet Nutrients blog on 5 Reasons to Switch to Green Planet's 3-Part Base Nutrient System.

The Additives & Supplements

Green Planet's base systems arn't just the quality ones. They also have award winning additives. As most growers know, to get the most optimium results applying the right additves at the right stage of growth is imperitive. 

Use Green Planets additives for best results

Massive Bloom

Massive Bloom contains a variety of elements such as L-form amino acids, natural sugars, and a balance of micro and macronutrients. It is designed to assist plants in producing large and healthy flowers.


Rezin is an aroma and flavor enhancer developed by GreenPlanet to increase the production of essential oils and resin in flowering plants


Vitatrive contains B-vitamins and elements that support plant growth during the vegetative stage. It reduces stress, enhances natural defenses, and promotes rapid growth for healthier plants.

Liquid Weight

Liquid Weight is a blend of carbohydrates that serves as a food source for plants and beneficial microbes

Pro Cal

Pro Cal is a product that addresses the need for calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) in plants. These elements play crucial roles in various plant functions, including cell wall development, chlorophyll production, and photosynthesis.

Plant Guard

Plant Guard is a liquid potassium silicate product that supports plant health and development throughout all growth stages. Potassium silicate is an essential element that plants utilize at the cellular level to strengthen cell walls and enhance natural defense mechanisms.

You can read more about green planets range on our blog, Green Planet Nutrients Reviewed.

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2. House and Garden Nutrients

Our pick for the aquatic grower.
  • 2-Part base system
  • Substrate-specific base variations
  • Composed purely of liquid base elements

About the Brand

House & Garden Nutrients is another brand we are always recommending our growers. Founded in the Netherlands 30 years ago, House & Garden is now used in more than 30 countries by licensed medical facilities, universities, commercial farmers and home gardeners who enjoy a truly premium product.

The Base Nutrients

House and Garden Nutrients take their base systems to another level with science backed substrate-specific nutrient systems. The meticulous design of leading quality substrate-specific nutrients is what makes House and Garden Nutrient's some of the best hydroponic nutrients on the Australian market.

Aqua Flakes A&B

House & Garden Aqua Flakes is a complete base nutrient, specifically reformulated in the USA for recirculating systems. It's designed to work effectively with different types of recirculating hydroponic cultivation such as expanded clay, rockwool, and growstone. The unique composition of this liquid concentrate enables rapid transfer of nutrients from fertigation into the plant foliage, offering a balanced combination of nutrients.

Hydro A&B

House & Garden Hydro is a uniquely formulated base nutrient specifically designed for run-to-waste hydroponic systems. This potent base nutrient enables efficient, rapid nutrient uptake and provides complete fertigation for both the vegetative and flowering stages of growth. It is particularly suited for use in run-to-waste systems with rockwool, flock, perlite, clay, growstone, gravels, vermiculite, or volcanic stone.

Cocos A&B

House & Garden Cocos is an innovative two-part base nutrient, specifically designed for gardeners utilizing a medium of 40% or more coco substrate. This cutting-edge formulation, which incorporates only food and pharmaceutical grade ingredients, is completely unique in its composition, structure, and preparation method.

Soil A&B

Designed for an excellent harvest, House & Garden Soil is the preferred choice for soil-based plants. Recognising the unique composition of soil particles and the inherent mineral content, this product is designed with an extremely precise blend of fertiliser compounds to fully exploit the potential of soil.

The Additives & Supplements

If I had to describe House & Garden Nutrient's Additives & Supplements range in one word it would be - complete

pH Stabiliser

Enhances nutrient absorption by balancing pH levels, particularly beneficial for soft water sources and Reverse Osmosis systems.

Drip Clean

Increases nutrient efficiency and prevents salt buildup, promoting plant vitality and reducing the need for flushing.

Magic Green

A foliar spray that boosts vegetative growth, provides leaf protection, and helps rectify nutrient deficiencies, ensuring a successful flowering period.

MgO 8% Magnesium

Boosts plant growth by supplying essential magnesium, leading to a healthy, green appearance and fortified cell walls.

N27% Nitrogen

A critical nutrient source that stimulates growth, supports leaf and root formation, suitable for both hydroponics and soil systems.

Roots Excelurator

A potent root stimulator that encourages growth, protects against diseases, and facilitates efficient nutrient absorption.

Shooting Powder

Enhances key biological processes for a top-shelf finish, promoting faster growth, and higher yields.

Top Shooter

The liquid form of Shooting Powder, this product boosts flowering, potentially increasing yield by up to 20%.


Assists in the transfer of natural plant sugars to flowering sites, supporting growth, vigor, and yield.

Multi Zyme

An enzyme-based product promoting growth, aiding in the breakdown of dead root material, and stimulating microbial life for faster nutrient absorption.

Algen Extract

A premium Norwegian Sea Kelp blend, high in active ingredients like cytokinins, auxins, and gibberellins for vigorous growth and flower site initiation.

Top Booster

Encourages the final stage of reproductive growth with premium mineral phosphorus and potassium. It should be used four weeks before harvest.

From foliar sprays, root stimulators, ph stabilisers, flower enhancers and so many more. You can check out their full range of additives and supplements if you have the time. But rest assured, when you choose the House and Garden range, if you run in to any issues or want to take your grow to the next level, there's a good chance they've got you covered.

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3. Bio Diesel Nutrients

Our pick for the eco-conscious grower that still wants premium results
  • Semi organic nutrient and additive range
  • 2-Part base system
  • Suitable for most grow systems. (Soil, coco, aqua)

About the Brand

Established in Australia in 2015 with the mission to produce healthier sustainable alternatives to traditional synthetic salt fertigation. Bio Diesel Nutrients sets itself apart with its emphasis on natural and organic ingredients, which distinctly influences the taste of the final yield.

The brand's natural extracts, are designed to foster the growth of beneficial microbes, enhance the efficiency of fertiliser and water usage, and deliver a full spectrum of macro and micronutrients, leading to quickened plant growth.

While going fully organic is often associated with slower growth and subpar results, Bio Diesel Nutrients defies this norm with its outstanding product range. 

The Base Nutrients

Green Diamond A & B

Bio Diesel Nutrients' 2-Part base (Green Diamond) is unique due to its Bio Mineral suspension, enriched with organic metabolites, Fulvic and Humic acid, and a blend of vitamins designed to spur faster growth.

Their base system is used throughout the entire grow cycle with only adjustments in quantities in growth and bloom rather than a change of products.

The base system from Bio Diesel Nutrients truly shines when used in conjunction with its additives and supplements.

The Additives & Supplements

Bio Diesel Nutrients offers a wide array of supplements and additives each with unique advantages for your plants:

BIO DIESEL Organic Bloom Booster

This organic bloom booster augments flower yield, increases resin and terpene production, and promotes harmonious coexistence with beneficial bacteria and fungi for optimised plant growth.


This organic root and shoot stimulant leverages organic Sea Algae and Bio Diesel's proprietary bio stimulants to spur robust lateral root growth and facilitate prompt plant response.


This 100% organic plant additive derived from Aloe Vera and Yucca extract supplies essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and enzymes while boosting your plant's resilience and growth rate.


MarineCaMg+ is a potent growth booster leveraging ocean-derived calcium, magnesium, and other nutrients. It enhances plant health and growth rate while fortifying them against environmental stressors.


An organic bloom booster that is microbe-friendly and promotes bud burst and flower enhancement, especially during the last three weeks of budding, leading to increased terpene and trichome production.


Bio-One introduces beneficial microbes into the plant root zone for enhanced nutrient cycling and defense against diseases.


This product efficiently removes excess fertiliser build-up in coco and peat-based soils, enhancing terpene profiles and flavor while minimizing water use during flushing.

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4. Growth Technology

Our pick for the best all-round range. Beginner friendly.
  • Crop-specific nutrient systems
  • 1-Part or 2-Part base Systems
  • Substrate-specific nutrient systems

About the Brand

As a globally recognised brand, Growth Technology is propelled by a dynamic and seasoned team. At its helm are innovative technical development leaders who have carved their niche in the horticultural industry. 

With roots dating back to 1984, Growth Technology boasts a rich history of crafting commercial 'crop-specific' nutrient formulations that cater to a diverse array of crops.

Initially servicing commercial hydroponic growers, the company expanded its reach in 1986 to include home hydroponic growers who demand the same high standard of quality and expertise. This has led to the development of a comprehensive range of superior quality products tailored to the home grower.

The Base Nutrients

Growth Technology have their base systems dialed in. With substrate specific offerings for the aquatic and coco grower to a simple 1 part system perfect for the beginner grower who doesn't want to get to technical but still wants decent results. 

GT Optimum 

The Optimum base system from GT is perfect for the hydroponic grower growing in media like clay, perlite, or rockwool. Technically, i guess you could call this a 4-Part system as during the vegetative phase you will use the Optimum Grow A and B and during the Bloom phase you will use the Optimum Bloom A and B. 

GT Coco

Building on the foundation of the GT Optimum range, Growth Technology introduces the GT Coco line, specifically tailored for gardeners cultivating in coco fibre. This hydroponic twin-pack brings together exceptional formulations for both the 'Grow' and 'Bloom' stages, ensuring that plants receive the exact nutrition they need at every phase of their life cycle.

GT Ionic 

The GT Ionic range is a beginner's best friend in the world of hydroponics. Simplifying the otherwise complex world of plant nutrition, this range employs Growth Technology's unique Single Pack Technology (SPT) to provide complete, balanced, and pH-buffered nutrient profiles in just one bottle. This range offers a hassle-free approach to plant nutrition that is perfect for newcomers and appreciated by veterans alike.

The Additives & Supplements

Growth Technology opts for a focused, no-frills approach when it comes to their range of additives. Unlike some competitors that may boast an extensive assortment of supplements filled with 'magic potions' and marketing gimmicks, Growth Technology prioritises quality over quantity. Their additive selection may be less expansive, but each product is meticulously formulated based on rigorous scientific principles, geared towards safely boosting your plants' performance.

GT Silica

GT Silica is a potent blend of silicic acid and potassium hydroxide, also known as potassium silicate, designed specifically to supplement silicon in hydroponic nutrient solutions. Its application strengthens plant cell walls, enhancing their resilience against insects, fungi, heat, and water stress.

GT Fulvic

GT Fulvic, derived from bioactive fulvic acid, enhances nutrient uptake in plants when added to hydroponic solutions, thereby promoting cell growth and overall plant development.

GT Super PK

Super PK, containing phosphorus and potassium, enhances the flowering and fruiting stages in plants, leading to healthier, tastier fruits and improved disease resistance.

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5. Professor's Nutrients

Our pick for best organic hydroponic nutrient.
  • Certified organic nutrient range
  • Has a non organic range
  • Australian made nutrients
  • Suitable for pretty much any grow medium

About the Brand

Professor's Nutrients have been in the industry for 15+ years. They have 2 main nutrient lines. The Organic range and the non organic range.

Now, we don't want to take anything away from their sinthetic line of products these are top quality and very popular in growing community.

Today we will be focusing on their organic range as we believe it to be one of the best organic hydroponic nutrients on the market, they're an Australian brand AND approved by The Organic Food Chain (OFC), which is an approved organic certifying body recognised by the Department of Agriculture. So they tick a few boxes. 

The Base Nutrients

Organic Base System

Professor's Nutrients organic base system is a 1-Part grow and a 1-Part bloom. Super easy compared to other systems on the market. You'll feed your plant the grow bottle in the vegetative cycle and feed it the bloom bottle when it's in the flowering cycle. 

This distinctive blend comprises over 72 varied macro and micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and natural hormones, collectively providing an optimal NPK ratio for the growth and flowering stages of crops.

One thing to remember with organic fertilisers is they offer a slow nutrient release compared to synthetic counterparts, reducing the chances of over-fertilization. They not only add natural nutrients but also support vital microbial life and improve the structure of the soil, enhancing its ability to retain water and nutrients.

The Additives & Supplements

Generally speaking, when growing fully organic, it's often more challenging to achieve the same yields as with synthetic nutrients. It is possible to get similar results, but this typically requires a well-regulated and optimised system.

The reality is that synthetic nutrients are often more readily available for root absorption. With that being said, the organic additives from Professor's Nutrients aim to bridge this gap and bring growers closer to achieving top-tier results.

Grow Fast Organic

Professor's Nutrients Grow Fast Organic is their vegetative growth booster. It's an approved organic growth enhancer designed to shorten the vegetative cycle by accelerating plant growth.

Flower Boost Organic

Professor's Nutrients Flower Boost Organic is their organic pk enhancer. Phosphorus & Potassium (PK): The fundamental raw ingredients your plants need to develop fruits and flowers.

Terpene Gold

Professor's Nutrients Terpene Gold organically increases trichomes and oils, enhances flavour, aroma & quality.

Professor's Nutrients range also has an organic ph up and organic ph down. So the organic grower has pretty much got everything they need if they stick with the Professor's Nutrients organic range. 

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In conclusion, selecting the right nutrient solution can be the difference between a good harvest and a great one. From beginner growers to experienced green thumbs, everyone can find a product on this list that caters to their unique needs and aspirations. A growers ultimate goal is to get the best out of their plants so keep tinkering, keep trying things and most of all keep learning. That's why we love it.