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Root Builder is formulated with extremely active Beneficial organisms that deliver an abundance of benefits to your plant’s root zone. 

How it works - 

Root Builder introduces two key forms of beneficial bacteria to your grow medium: Bacillus licheniformis and Bacillus subtilis.

Bacillus licheniformis will help break down elements so your plant can use its energy on other important plant functions, such as producing big, beautiful flowers.

Bacillus subtilis is an extremely strong beneficial bacteria that focuses on boosting natural defences.

It will also produce molecules called iturins that will target harmful microorganisms in the rhizosphere and eliminate them.

Together, these organisms perform as a microbial soil amendment, which improves the conversion of organic and inorganic fertilisers into plant-available forms for more efficient nutrient uptake.

This helps the plant absorb the essential nutrients it needs for vigorous foliage growth during the vegetative stage and intense fruiting during the flowering stage.

Adding these beneficial bacteria will lead to an improved soil structure, retention of soil moisture, and will treat pH related issues in the grow media.

All these benefits ensure your plants grow bigger roots for bigger fruits.

How to use - 

Apply at a rate of 1.25 ml/L in conjunction with your nutrient solution throughout all stages of growth. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
John M.
Couriers please, worst delivery ever.

Green planet, root builder , first time using particular product, but all other ones I've used are excellent. Delivery was abysmal, they held my parcel 2 weeks (partial address, so call me I'll tell you missing part,phone number was on package. No, I emailed, the full address, called and gave the address again,and called a third time, and gave info for Delivery AGAIN.

Shaun M.
GreenPlanet root builder

Excellent product. Used in rdwc, increased root growth and health.

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