Zero Carlo Backpack - Charcoal Black

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Introducing Zero Carlo Backpack - Charcoal Black

Activated Carbon technology, these smell proof back packs are lined with 100% activated carbon technology.

The thick activated carbon fibre layer absorbs and traps even the strongest of odours.

Features a light grey exterior and inconspicuous look that will totally blend in with your everyday carrying, not raising any suspicion or questioning from people - be relaxed knowing your smell proof container blends in with the rest of your stuff. Even the logo has been to be removable.

With double lock technology built in, your precious contents will be safe, sound and smell proof. The back padding allows for air flow across the carriers back allowing for more comfort.

The Main Outer Zipper is a heavy duty 10 gauge zipper which is designed for long term use and is lockable with your own padlock. Once this is opened it reveals a triple combination lock with a waterproof zipper designed by Zero to bring ease of use and ensures odours cannot escape.

The carbon pores can fill up over time. No need to worry. Just turn the bag inside out and place in the sunlight or in the dryer on light heat for 10 mins to reactivate the carbon smell proof lining. Heat breaks the bonds with the odoriferous compounds. The Odour is now released and activated carbon is as good as new!

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