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What is SUPER SI?

Super Si is the latest evolution in hydroponic nutrient technology!

This powerful composite uses specialised, ultra-soluble nano-particulate silicic acid compounds alongside bioactive amino acids.

The result for your garden? Powerful vegetative growth and heavy flowering plants!
Super Si is the highest concentration of mono-silicic acid available to modern farmers.

A specialised blending technique allows for drastically higher silicate absorption without negatively influencing pH!

Why use SUPER SI?

  • Super Si encourages resistance to abiotic and biotic stress
  • Improves cell structure and formation for accelerated green growth
  • Shorter internodal spacing and tighter flower sites
  • Significant increases in harvest yield and dry weight
  • ULTRA strong concentration for cost-efficiency
  • Used in both vegetative and generative cycles
  • PH stabilised and can be successfully used alongside any existing nutrient regime

How to use SUPER SI?


IMPORTANT! SUPER SI MUST be diluted in water and added to your reservoir FIRST before any base nutrients or other additives.

Dilute SUPER SI into your reservoir at a ratio of:

  • 0.15ml per L
  • 0.3ml per L (Double Strength - Week 1 & 2 Bloom Cycle to prevent internodal stretching)
  • 1ml per L Foliar Spray (Optional Application)

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