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Revitalize Your Garden with Regenerate Soil Top Dressing

Regenerate Soil Top Dressing is a nutrient and mineral blend designed to rejuvenate no-till beds, build new soil, or recycle old soil using a combination of plant-based amendments and rock minerals.

It's ideal for replenishing soil beds and containers between growing cycles without the need to conduct soil tests.

Regenerate Soil Top Dressing provides a balanced profile of slow and quick-release nutrients and minerals while enhancing microbial activity and soil fertility throughout the entire growing cycle.

Features and Benefits -

  • Wide range of raw nutrients: Provides essential nutrients for healthy plant growth and increased soil fertility.
  • Microbial stimulation: Promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms, improving soil health and plant nutrient absorption.
  • Mycorrhizal inoculant: Enhances nutrient and water uptake, supports disease suppression, and reduces fertiliser needs for plants.
  • Easy to use: Can be used for top dressing or amending old soil, making it an accessible solution for gardeners of all levels.
  • Organic and sustainable: Employs plant-based amendments and rock minerals for a natural and eco-friendly option.

How to Use

  1. For used soil in a 50L container, add ½ kg or 2-3 cups of Regenerate and mix well.
  2. Add 10-15L high-quality worm castings or compost, and 10-15L aeration amendment (7mm scoria, perlite , pumice) and mix well.
  3. Water evenly until moist, then plant seedlings or cuttings.
  4. For top dressing, apply ½ - 1 cup per plant, 1 cup per 50L of soil in a container, or 1.5 cups per square metre in raised beds.
  5. Lightly scratch Regenerate into the top layer of soil at the end of the growing cycle and again when going into bloom if needed.

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