PondMAX DeChlorinator - 5L

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High quality pond water treatment and conditioner with added aloe vera, PVP's and vitamin B to keep your fish healthy.

Features & Benefits - 

  • Neutralizes ammonia: Effectively eliminates ammonia to maintain a safe and healthy aquatic environment.
  • Removes chlorine & chloramine: Safely eliminates chlorine and chloramine from water, ensuring it's safe for aquatic life.
  • Detoxifies harmful heavy metals: Neutralizes harmful heavy metals, safeguarding aquatic inhabitants from their adverse effects.
  • Pet friendly: Formulated to be safe for all pond inhabitants, including fish and other aquatic pets.

Dosage -

Add 10ml to 120L of water when setting up or new water is added to pond. Agitate water slightly for even distribution.

Treats -


Note: A 25% monthly water change is advisable for small ponds.

To Calculate Approximate Pond Capacity -

Length (m) x Width (m) x Average Depth.
(Measurements in Metres x 1000 for Litres)

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