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Mycobiome Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Inoculant for Healthier Plants

Enhance the growth and health of your plants with Mycobiome, a mycorrhizal fungi inoculant designed to establish symbiotic associations with nearly all plant species through their roots.

Available in 100g and 250g quantities, Mycobiome contains four species of arbuscular endomycorrhizal fungi, providing impressive benefits to your plants, including increased root biomass, improved nutrient availability, and greater resilience against disease, drought, and transplant shock.

Features and Benefits -

  • Increased root biomass: Mycobiome promotes healthier and denser root systems, allowing plants to absorb more water and nutrients from the surrounding soil.
  • Improved nutrient availability: The symbiotic relationship between the mycorrhizal fungi and plant roots enhances nutrient uptake, supporting every aspect of plant growth.
  • Enhanced plant health and vigor: Mycobiome boosts your plants' overall health, leading to more vigorous growth and vibrant colours.
  • Maximised yield potential: With more efficient nutrient uptake, plants treated with Mycobiome have higher yield potential.
  • Improved tolerance to stress: Mycobiome helps plants better tolerate disease, drought, and transplant shock, reducing losses and ensuring plant survival.
  • Reduced water and fertiliser use: Thanks to Mycobiome's efficient nutrient delivery system, plants require less water and fertiliser, helping you save money and resources.

How to Use -

  1. Choose the right Mycobiome quantity (100g or 250g) for the number of plants you have.
  2. Apply the inoculant directly to the plant roots or sprinkle it in the planting hole before introducing the plant.
  3. Make sure the inoculant comes into direct contact with the plant roots for optimal effect.
  4. Once applied, continue to care for your plants as usual, watering and fertilising as needed.

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