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For Strong Leafy Growth!

Monsta Grow is based on our famous mineral formula and combined with natural organic additives.

Designed to stimulate the structural and foliar growth stage essential for maximum crop yields.

Scientifically blended our products contain over 80 different organic compounds that assist in the promotion of root production and encourage strong leafy growth.

Features & Benefits - 

  • Aids Catabolism
  • Optimises Growth
  • High Organic Plant Food
  • Maximises Crop Yields
  • Store in a cool, dark place.

How to use -

  1. Shake the Monsta Grow Gro Juice well before use.
  2. For young plants, mix 5ml of Monsta Grow with every 1 litre of clean water.
  3. Increase the dosage to 10ml per 1 litre of clean water for mature plants.
  4. Administer the mixture to your plants as needed to support growth and general plant health.

Ideal for use with hydroponic or organic mediums!


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