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Introducing Medtek Resin Finish

Resin Finish is a potent elicitor that maxes out crop quality (essential oil production) in the last 7 – 14 days of the crop cycle.

Resin Finish contains two potent elicitors which, due to their dramatic effect in activating the defense pathways of the plant, would be unsuitable for use at any other point of the crop cycle.

The key to Resin Finish is that by the time you reach the last two weeks of the crop cycle, where many growers traditionally flush, cell division is about nil and the plant isn’t producing more biomass (size) per se; therefore, a strong stress response can be invoked without compromising yields.

The end result of applying Resin Finish is that the plant packs on oils in the last 7 – 14 days of the crop cycle.

When discussing medicinal oil producing crops there are two production parameters that need to considered.

Firstly, there are the yield parameters (harvest weight) and, secondly, there is the crop quality parameters (i.e. essential oil percentages).  

Factors that influence outcomes regarding these two parameters can be quite different.  

In simple terms, preventing any plant stress, of any kind, promotes optimum harvest weight while, in some cases, carefully promoting stress at the right points of the crop cycle can increase essential oil production without compromising yields.


  • Improves crop quality through increasing essential oil production
  • Improves terpene production
  • Improves bag appeal
  • Improves flavour
  • Activates SAR (Systemic Acquired Resistance) and ISR (Induced Systemic Resistance) which among other things helps to protect the crop against late season moulds (e.g. botrytis/grey mould)
  • Speeds up ripening with some genetics

Resin Finish is used during the flush cycle to maximize resin production.

Recommended usage rate 0.5 – 2ml/L in last 10 – 14 days during the water only/flush cycle. See Med-Tek feed chart for further information.

Note: because Resin Finish contains potent elicitors do not use earlier or contrary to recommended use


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