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Introducing Medtek Connoisseur Blooms

Heavier harvests with higher resin production.

Connoisseur Blooms brings out the best in your crop through utilizing carefully selected organic biostimulants which act to increase the rate of photosynthesis, improving cell division, protein synthesis and uptake of water and nutrients.

Additionally, Connoisseur Blooms utilizes elicitor molecules through incorporating low molecular weight oligosaccharides.

These oligosaccharides act as biostimulants while also priming a defence mechanism in plants which results in higher levels of essential oil production.

The use of Connoisseur Blooms will result in heavier harvests and a higher quality end-product that oozes oils/resins.

Connoisseur Blooms is formulated using organic starter materials. These starter materials act as an energy source (food) for the microflora (bacteria and fungi) in the hydroponic nutrient solution.

As a result, bacteria and fungi rapidly multiply causing pH to rise.

Technically speaking, because Connoisseur Blooms stimulates the microflora in the hydroponic solution, decomposition of proteins (deamination) occurs which releases ammonium, forming ammonium hydroxide.

An increase in hydroxide causes pH to rise. Be sure to monitor this situation closely and correct pH to optimum range of 5.5 – 5.8 daily. pH 5.5 is recommended to allow for increase in pH over the course of the day. 

Use Connoisseur Blooms in conjunction with beneficial bacteria and/or fungi for best results

Because Connoisseur Blooms stimulates prolific beneficial bacteria and/or fungi growth in the hydroponic system it makes for the ideal product to support a richly biodiverse micro growing system.

We advise that in order to best capitalise on this, growers should apply a beneficial bacteria and/or fungi additive to the nutrient solution while using Connoisseur Blooms 

DO NOT use Oxidants (e.g. monochloramine, hydrogen peroxide) with Connoisseur Blooms  

It is important to note that oxidants such as chlorine, monochloramine and hydrogen peroxide should never be used with organic additives.

Oxidants break down (hydrolyze or biodegrade) organic molecules in various ways (dependent on the organic molecule and oxidant species) changing the organic molecule and rendering the oxidant inert

Benefits - 

• Higher Resin Production
• Higher Yields
• More flowering sites leading to more uniform denser flowering
• Improves microlife biodiversity in soils and soilless substrates. This leads to increased enzyme activity and a healthier root environment
• Improves plant metabolism
• Improves plant immune system
• Doesn’t cause sludge in tanks and lines (clean in solution)
• Usage doesn’t effect EC

Use in conjunction with Med-Tek PK Elicit during flower

NPK 0 – 0 – 0.2

Recommended usage rate 1-2ml/L throughout bloom.

Bring out the best in your crop! Connoisseur Blooms utilizes organic biostimulants and elicitor molecules to maximise crop quality and production.


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