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Introducing the ISN Starter Pack

International Superior Nutrients specialises in top-tier hydroponic nutrients renowned for their exceptional quality.

Our range of nutrients is meticulously crafted in South Australia using premium British pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.

This meticulous process ensures that our nutrients boast one of the highest levels of purity available, setting them apart from the contaminants often found in other products on the market.

Our team of in-house chemical engineers continuously perfects our formulations, ensuring that they consistently yield the highest-caliber results. From initial growth stages to maturity, we offer a comprehensive selection of plant nutrients to cater to every phase of plant development.

Our products play a pivotal role in enhancing plant vitality, magnifying yield sizes, and simultaneously fortifying plants against pests, diseases, and environmental stressors.

In this starter pack contains Everything to get you started with ISN Nutrients.

Each Starter Pack contains -

1 x Supreme Grow Set (1 Litre of A & 1 Litre of B)
1 x Supreme Bloom Set (1 Litre of A & 1 Litre of B)
1 x Microbe Boost 1 Litre
1 x Potash 1 Litre
1 x Seaweed 1 Litre
1 x Amino Gold 1 Litre


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