Headwind HVC EC Mixed Flow Silenced Fan - 250mm

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Introducing the Headwind HVC Silenced EC Mixed Flow Inline Fans – a groundbreaking advancement in ventilation technology.

Tailored for the modern grower, this innovative series combines cutting-edge design with unmatched functionality, offering both a silencer and a mixed flow fan in a single compact unit.

Engineered with specialized noise-dampening insulation, the HVC Silenced fan delivers whisper-quiet operation without sacrificing power.

Its high-performance inline mixed flow fan, designed for industrial-strength efficiency, promises to surpass your expectations.

Incorporating EC technology, these fans provide not only silent operation but also a strong flow rate, ensuring optimal airflow for your grow space.

Available in four sizes, you can choose the ideal fit for your specific needs, whether for a small tent or a large grow room.

Installation is made easy with the included convenient hanging tabs, allowing for effortless setup wherever ventilation is needed.

Additionally, the Speed Controller, designed specifically for these fans, gives you complete control over airflow, enabling you to create the perfect environment for your plants.

Discover the ultimate blend of silence, power, and control with the Headwind HVC Silenced EC Mixed Flow Inline Fans.

Upgrade your ventilation system today and enhance your growing experience.

Flange Diameter Length Weight m3/h cfm watts
150mm 245mm 550mm 5kg 594 350 40
200mm 305mm 700mm 7.5kg 1205 710 75
250mm 355mm 860mm 13kg 1808 1065 150
315mm 415mm 940mm 21kg 2987 1757 320


   Comes with fan speed controller

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