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Introducing House and Garden Top Booster - 20L

Top Booster is the REAL PK 13/14 for serious floral production! 

Using premium mineral phosphorus and potassium (plus added EDDHA – FE Iron) to encourage the plant into a final stage of reproductive growth.

Top booster encourages autumn hormones (ethylene) to reinforce the plants biological response to a changing light environment.

Top Booster PK 13/14 is generally only used for 1 week in the middle of the reproductive stage.

With this floral trigger and reinforcement of the flowering process, the plant will form larger flowers and fruits and encourage faster, higher quality yields.

House & Garden Nutrients Top Booster is an extremely powerful flowering stimulator which will amaze the grower.

Top Booster acts on the basis of PK13-14 but with the added benefits of Eddha-Fe (iron).

The basis of all flowering boosters is a blend of pure potassium and phosphorus. These elements are important for the plant’s flowering process and create superior flowering sites by steering the crop correctly. 

Application -

The recommended usage for the product is 1.5ml per 1L, and it has been blended to the highest standards. To maximize yield, it is suggested to use it 4 weeks before harvest for only 3-4 days, to jumpstart the late bloom process. For optimal results, it is recommended to use the top booster in conjunction with House & Garden Bud XL.

Growers Tip - 

The addition of Eddha-Fe in House & Garden Top Booster sets it apart from its competitors, making it one of the most distinctive and effective formulas available. Experience the superiority of Top Booster yourself and see why it stands out among the rest.

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