House and Garden Multizyme - 500mL

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Introducing House & Garden Multizyme - 500mL

House & Garden Multi Zyme is a powerful stimulator, rich in enzymes, co-enzymes and vitamins. Multi Zyme accelerates and boosts the growth process.

It also strengthens the plant’s immunity. Multi Zyme helps to break down and dissolve organic matter and also increases the plants resistance to disease and stress.

The enzymes help convert the base nutrient into an even more bio available nutriment which is far more easily assimilated by the plant.


House & Garden Multi Zyme is a collective term for a wide range of useful enzymes, which are very important for the plants to metabolically exchange their plant sugars.

Enzymes are small catalysts that trigger these processes and keep them in tune with the plant’s growth rate.

Multi Zyme is designed for use in soil, hydroponics and coco applications. Ultra-soluble for ease of use!

Application -
For optimal results, dilute Multizyme at a rate of 1ml per liter of water. Multizyme should be used throughout the entire plant growth cycle.

To apply, first add your base nutrient (such as for coco, hydro, or soil) to the water container, adjust the EC of the nutrient, then add Multizyme. Finally, adjust the pH level to balance with the nutrient solution.

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