House and Garden Amino Treatment - 500mL

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Introducing House and Garden Amino Treatment - 500mL

House & Garden Amino Treatment is a new, revolutionary product that brings noticeably higher fruit yield, with quality as well as quantity.

This incredibly powerful stimulant combines refined sea-kelp, silica and seed extract to provide your plant with ultimate growth conditions.

This mixture of organic and mineral nutriment allows for a whole plethora of beneficial reactions within the plant.

Amino Treatment contains no synthetic hormones, just naturally occurring plant extracts to organically encourage additional growth.

The end result? Bigger, tastier and much healthier fruit and flowers for you and your family!

The product consists of a balanced complex of ingredients such as small silicate particles which are much smaller than those which you would find in normal silicon.

Amino Treatment also contains a unique natural growth and flowering stimulator from an extract taken from plant seeds.

Plants always add a buffer to their seeds, a kind of plant base with-quality enzymes and amino acids which stimulate root development, growth and fruit formation in a powerful way.

So, the use of Amino Treatment results in better nutrient distribution in the leaves, a higher photosynthesis ratio, stronger stalks, increased root activity, better and higher fruit production and a higher sugar content in the fruit. See it and believe it!

Amino Treatment, for profuse growth and flowering. “I grew up in a commercial gardeners’ family, after school my brothers and I had to work in the greenhouse.

In this greenhouse I had a small garden of my own… where I grew my own plants and seeds. I wondered what makes plant seeds so powerful.

This obsession gave me the basic idea for our new product.

I discovered a very powerful substance in plant seeds, I managed to isolate this material and started combining it with other substances.

This effort resulted in an extremely powerful new plants food for the industrial market: Amino Treatment!” William van der Zwaan – Creator of Amino Treatment

Advantages of Amino Treatment:

  • Enhanced leaf nutrient distribution.
  • Elevated rate of photosynthesis.
  • Sturdier plant growth.
  • Boosted root activity.
  • Abundant fruit production with high sugar content.
  • Vibrant growth and blooming.

To use, simply add 0.2-1ml/L of Amino Treatment to your nutrient solution during each watering, until 3 weeks before harvest. Simply combine your base nutrient and Amino Treatment, adjust EC and pH as needed.

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