Growth Technology Liquid Potash - 5L

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Witness the remarkable metamorphosis of your plants with Growth Technology Liquid Potash, a high-quality liquid fertilizer meticulously crafted to enhance the vitality and vibrancy of your cherished green allies.

Uncover the key to abundant blooms, fruitful harvests, and resilient plant well-being.

Our user-friendly liquid solution guarantees rapid and efficient nourishment for your plants.

Liquid Convenience: Bid farewell to the hassle of handling granules and powders. Our liquid fertilizer is effortlessly mixed and applied, allowing your plants to eagerly absorb the nutrients, resulting in vibrant health.

Efficacious Solution: Are you grappling with the unsightly yellowing of leaves and unsightly dead spots in your garden? Liquid Potash offers the remedy.

It effectively addresses and prevents these issues stemming from potash deficiency.

Benefits of Growth Technology Liquid Potash - 

  • Abundant Potassium: Our liquid Potash contains a substantial 100 g/L of potassium, a crucial nutrient for promoting lush flower and fruit development, ensuring your plants exude natural beauty.
  • Nitrogen Enrichment: With 35 g/L of nitrogen, this fertilizer offers more than just aesthetics; it stimulates robust plant growth and overall development, resulting in both visual appeal and strength.
  • Enhanced Vibrancy and Resilience: The potent synergy of potassium and nitrogen not only intensifies the natural colors of your plants but also reinforces their resistance to diseases and pests, providing a double benefit.

Use - 

Dilution rate 5mL per litre.

Dose at weekly intervals. 

Foliar spray at 1mL per litre. 

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