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Are you envisioning a garden teeming with lively blossoms and succulent fruits? Your search ends with Growth Technology (GT) Liquid Iron! Our plant-friendly iron supplement serves as your hidden gem to unleash your garden's full potential.

Bid farewell to lackluster, yellowed foliage, and greet a garden brimming with vitality and vibrant hues.

Ideal for Problematic Soils: If you've encountered iron deficiency issues stemming from calcareous soils or gravel grow beds, look no further than GT Liquid Iron.

Our formula is expertly crafted to combat iron deficiency in challenging soil conditions, ensuring your plants flourish, regardless of the environment.

Recognizing the Telltale Signs of Iron Deficiency Don't Let Iron Deficiency Wreck Your Garden

Iron deficiency can silently devastate your plants, sapping your garden's beauty and vitality.

To help you identify and address this issue, here are the unmistakable indicators of iron deficiency:

  1. Yellowing between the veins of young leaves and at the growing tips.

When you observe yellowing between the veins of your plant's youthful leaves or at the tips, it's a clear signal that your plants are in need of iron. This condition, referred to as chlorosis, can impede growth and impact your plants' overall well-being.

  1. Iron deficiency often plagues plants growing in calcareous soils or gravel grow beds.

Plants that thrive in calcareous soils or gravel grow beds are particularly vulnerable to iron deficiency. These soil types can sequester iron, rendering it inaccessible to your plants. However, with GT Liquid Iron, you can liberate your plants from the constraints of your soil and nurture robust growth.

Benefits of Growth Technology Liquid Iron -

  • Intense Colour Boost: GT Liquid Iron contains a potent blend of iron from iron sulphate, DTPA chelate, and EDDHA chelate, ensuring your plants receive the necessary iron for vibrant, captivating colours.
  • Enhanced Disease Resistance: Beyond enhancing aesthetics, GT Liquid Iron strengthens plant immunity, reducing susceptibility to garden pests and diseases, providing an extra layer of protection.
  • Perfect for Problem Soils: If you've grappled with iron deficiency in calcareous soils or gravel grow beds, GT Liquid Iron is your remedy. Our formula addresses iron deficiency in challenging soil conditions, ensuring your plants thrive in any environment.

Use - 

To correct & prevent iron deficiency where plants present with yellowing between veins of younger leaves and growing tips. 

Dilute - 

2mL per litre of water and use weekly until problem is corrected.

Foliar Feed - 

Dilute 1mL per litre of water. Spray in low light conditions. 

Typical Analysis - 

Iron 2.02g/L

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