Cyco Platinum Series Grow A & B (1L, 5L or 20L Set)

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Cyco Grow A&B 2L is a premium base nutrient formula specifically designed for the vegetative growth stage of your plants. Whether you're growing vegetables, flowers, or herbs, Cyco Grow A&B 2L ensures your plants receive the essential nutrients they need to thrive. With a balanced combination of primary, secondary, and trace elements, this formula promotes strong root development and healthy foliage growth. Simply add the recommended amount of Cyco Grow A&B 2L to your nutrient solution and watch your plants grow to their full potential. This product is highly concentrated, meaning a little goes a long way, and it is compatible with all hydroponic and soil-based growing systems. Cyco Grow A&B 2L is an easy and effective way to give your plants the nutrition they need to flourish. Don't compromise on quality, try Cyco Grow A&B 2L today and see the difference it makes in your garden.

Cyco Grow A and B give support to a plant's natural growth by supplying a range of primary, secondary and micronutrients, which are needed to give a plant the best possible start in its early development and to aid in fighting environmental stresses and Enhancing vigour.

Nutrients found in Grow A and Grow B are balanced, highly bio-available and easily absorbed and utilized.

Grow A & B creates a base nutrient that supports growth, cell development and fruit quality.


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Customer Reviews

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Paul B.
Good product, Great price

Cyco products are consistently cheaper and better than most other branded nutrients. Great product.

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