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Florigen is a foliar spray designed to promote vibrant growth resulting in excellerated flower production and uniformity.

Utilising natural plant extracts this formula encourages faster, stronger flower development.

How Florigen works -

With a combination of natural plant extracts, natural minerals, fulvic acid, vitamins and amino acids FLORIGEN adds an additional boost to your flower bloom from the top down.

How to use Florigen -

FLORIGEN can be used right the way through the flowering phase.

Mix with water at a rate of 20ml per litre and add it to your sprayer.

Spray your plants thoroughly when the lights are off to avoid burning.

In the 'bloom Advanced Floriculture' system you do not need to reduce your fertilizer application to use this product.

Features & Benefits - 

  • Consistent flower development: Promotes uniform and balanced flowering across plants, enhancing visual appeal.
  • Robust stems and foliage: Encourages vigorous vegetative growth, resulting in stronger plants with thicker stems and larger leaves.
  • Optimal photosynthesis: Facilitates efficient sunlight absorption with the growth of expansive leaf surfaces, maximizing energy intake.
  • Enhanced nutrient uptake: Provides essential elements for plants to overcome deficiencies in nutrient absorption, promoting overall health.
  • Organic composition: Formulated with plant extracts, fulvic acid, natural minerals, amino acids, and vitamins, ensuring safe and organic nutrient supplementation.


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