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Bloom Final is a 100% organic flower enhancer designed to promote the growth and development of your plant's flowers.

Manufactured by Bloom Advanced Floriculture in Adelaide, this product utilises the power of natural plant extracts, minerals and amino acids to optimise your hydroponic system and deliver impressive results for your indoor or outdoor plants, regardless of the grow method or media used.

Features and Benefits -

  • 100% Organic Formula: Bloom Final is made from natural plant extracts, minerals, fulvic acid, vitamins and amino acids, ensuring its safety for use on all types of vegetables and fruits.
  • Enhances Flower Development: By applying Bloom Final during the last 2 weeks of your plant's flower cycle, you can promote new growth, increase flower size, and optimise overall plant health.
  • Improved Harvest Quality: Bloom Final is especially ideal for plants with a top canopy harvest, allowing the bottom canopy to gain more weight and improve overall harvest results.
  • Versatile Application: Bloom Final is suitable for use in any grow method, media, or environment, including recirculating, soil, run to waste or organic systems, indoors or outdoors.
  • Easy Dosage: Check the feed schedule to calculate the correct dosage of Bloom Final for your specific grow method or media.

How to Use -

  1. Check the recommended dosages for your specific grow method or media.
  2. Measure the correct amount of Bloom Final for your system, using the feed schedule as a guide.
  3. Mix Bloom Final with water, ensuring it dissolves completely. You can use a separate container to premix and dilute the product before adding it to the main reservoir.
  4. Apply Bloom Final to your plants during the last 2 weeks of the flower cycle or after the top canopy has been harvested, as needed.


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