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Introducing Bloom Cal by Bloom Yellow Bottles

CAL-MAG delivers a healthy dose of calcium and magnesium, two secondary macronutrients that play a vital role in countless processes.

These minerals help to produce strong, luscious vegetative growth, while assisting with the transportation of nutrients around the plant, strengthening cell walls and forming a key role in photosynthesis.

Essential stuff!

  • Advanced Floriculture - professional grade plant nutrition used by the agricultural industry
  • Secondary macronutrients - essential for overall plant health
  • Calcium - for vibrant vegetative growth and the accelerated transportation of nutrients
  • Magnesium for more efficient and effective photosynthesis
  • An essential supplement for those in soft water areas
  • Increases resistance to pests and diseases
  • Generally used at 1ml per litre
  • Used right through the grow and bloom phases (finishing at the flush)
  • Calcium & magnesium deficiency remedy: Bloom Cal effectively addresses yellowing of plants due to the lack of essential nutrients.

How CAL-MAG Works -

CAL-MAG contains calcium at a rate of 5% and magnesium at a rate of 1.4%.

Using it is a hassle free way of ensuring that your plants have access to an adequate supply of these crucial secondary macro-nutrients.

Supplementing with calcium and magnesium is a particular issue for those growing with soft water, which has a lower level of these two minerals.

Why your plants need adequate calcium and magnesium:

Magnesium -

Forms part of the chlorophyll molecule, the compound that gives plants their green pigmentation

Magnesium forms an integral part of the process of photosynthesis (the plant's ability to use light energy to remove carbon from co2 in the atmosphere)

The more efficiently your plants photosynthesize, the more effectively they'll use the light energy from your lighting system

Calcium -

Particularly important during the vegetative growth stages

Strengthens cell walls

Improves the transportation of nutrients around the plant, which in turn ensures that the plant can make the most effective use of any nutrients fed to it

How to use CAL-MAG -

The Advanced Floriculture range can be used in any growing medium: soil, coco or hydro.

Add CAL-MAG to your feeding regimen right the way through the grow and bloom phases at a rate of 1ml per litre.

Stop using it once you get to the final flush during the last 1-2 weeks.


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