Wilma Mini 8 Set (90cm x 45cm) 8 x 1.65L

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Enhance the growth of your plants in a small space with the Wilma Drip System - perfect for hydroponic plant care, no matter your experience level.

Praised for producing big yields, this stable and durable system is lightweight and easy to move, making it the ideal choice for your plant care needs.

With the freedom to use various grow media, such as coco, soil, or clay pebbles, you get to fully customise your plant-growing experience.

Features and Benefits -

  • Versatile media compatibility: Suitable for various grow media like coco, soil, and clay pebbles or a mixture. (Note: Grow media not included).
  • Convenient reservoir: Stores the nutrient solution, eliminating the need for daily refills.
  • Runoff nutrient recycling: Drains leftover nutrient solution back into the reservoir, preventing root rot from standing water.
  • Easy plant relocation: Lift and move plants easily as needed.
  • Optimised plant spacing: Evenly spaced pots ensure room for every plant to grow to its full potential.
  • Low-profile design: Ideal for use in grow tents.
  • Comprehensive set: Comes with the required pump, setup, and maintenance instructions.

How to Use -

  1. Select your preferred type of grow media and fill the pots.
  2. Place your plants in the pots, ensuring they are evenly spaced apart.
  3. Fill the reservoir with the nutrient solution, following the setup instructions provided.
  4. Monitor the nutrient solution levels in the reservoir and refill as needed, making sure not to overwater or underwater your plants.

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