W2G Professional Coco 5 kg Block (Makes 60L)

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Looking for a top-quality growing medium that will help your plants thrive?

Look no further than W2G Professional Coco!

This professional-grade product is made from dried coconut husks and is ideal for use with potted plants.

It provides excellent aeration for optimal root growth, retains nutrients well, and boasts exceptional water retention.

Your plants will love it – and you’ll love the beautiful results!

With the highest air fill porosity and free draining formula, Pro Coco is buffered with Calcium & Magnesium.

Pro Coco also contains Trichoderma for fast root stimulation and optimum plant health.

Pro Coco is a light, easy to handle block that can be reused for up to 4 years.

Pro Coco is also better for the environment, naturally bacterial and fungal-resistant, and lasts longer in soil, breaking down after 10 years and providing long term benefits.

To hydrate our 5kg block of coco you will need up to 20 litres of water to reach the expansion volume of 60 litres.

If using in the Garden - Simply mix it into your garden soil at a ratio of 25/75, It will help to improve such things as water retention, aeration & increase the risk of solid fungus & Root disease. 

If using in Pots - Add a 1/4 part coco peat to the potting mix. Add a layer on top of the soil also to retain moisture. 

This Coco Peat is also great to start seedlings from scratch in. 

WAY TO GROW PROFESSIONAL COCO® is RHP approved for horticulture and is Australia’s premium coco substrate (RHP 088BK09. ISO 9001:2008).

So why not switch to Pro Coco and start reaping the rewards of sustainable gardening today?


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