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Maximize the growth, yield, and quality of your plants as they enter the crucial flowering and fruiting phases with Terra Aquatica TriPart Flora Bloom nutrient.

This essential component of the renowned Flora Series offers a comprehensive 3-part nutrient system, recognized for delivering exceptional results across all plant varieties, cultivation methods, substrates, and environments.

Tailored specifically for the reproductive growth phase, TriPart Flora Bloom supplies vital minerals essential for robust flowering, prolific fruiting, and successful seed production.

Enriched with precisely balanced phosphorus and potassium forms, it stimulates vigorous root development and sustains optimal health throughout growth stages, unlocking your plants' genetic potential to its fullest during flowering and fruiting.

Features and Benefits -

  • Complete and balanced nutrient solution: TriPart Flora Bloom constitutes one segment of the Flora Series, delivering all primary, secondary, and micronutrients necessary for well-rounded plant nourishment.
  • Exceptional quality: Crafted from pharmaceutical-grade minerals, ensuring the highest quality balanced and pH-buffered fertilizer attainable.
  • Outstanding results: Elevate the size, yield, flavor, fragrance, potency, and essential oil content of your fruits, flowers, and vegetables with the Flora Series.
  • Versatile application: Compatible with coir, hydroponics, soilless, and soil-based cultivation methods, accommodating diverse growing environments.
  • Part of a customized system: Combine Flora Bloom with Flora Micro and Flora Grow to formulate precise nutrient blends tailored to specific plant requirements across various growth stages.

How to Use -

    1. Dilute Flora Bloom with water according to recommended concentrations provided by the manufacturer.
    2. Blend Flora Bloom with Flora Micro during the flowering and fruiting phase to craft a tailored nutrient mixture.
    3. Customize your nutrient blend by combining Flora Bloom, Flora Micro, and Flora Grow based on your plant's unique requirements and growth stage.
    4. Administer the nutrient solution to your plants as necessary, adhering to a suggested feeding regimen and adapting as per your plant's needs.


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