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Proper Calcium and Magnesium availability is vital to optimize nutrition in fast growing plants.

It helps prevent secondary nutrient deficiencies, supports growth and fruiting and prevents blossom end rot and tip-burn in many particularly intensive crops such as tomatoes and lettuce.

Terra Aquatica Calcium Magnesium Supplement provides concentrated Calcium and Magnesium in a highly bioavailable, clean and soluble form that will not clog drippers.

It can be used alongside most nutrient regimes.

Terra Aquatica Calcium Magnesium Supplement can also help counter Calcium sequestration when growing in coco coir using organic nutrients, or when expanding compressed coco bales.

Ensure optimal plant nutrition for calcium-intensive plants with Terra Aquatica CaliMagic Cal Mag Supplement, a concentrated blend of readily available calcium and magnesium.

Suitable for numerous plants, Terra Aquatica CalMag Supplement is a fully soluble product that aids in preventing common growth problems, increases disease resistance, and promotes stronger plant structure.

Features and Benefits -

  • Prevents calcium and magnesium deficiencies: Offers vital supplemental elements necessary for the flourishing growth and health of calcium-demanding plants.
  • Enhances plant strength: Stimulates a robust plant structure, leading to increased yield and productivity.
  • Compatible with diverse nutrient regimes: Can be seamlessly integrated with most nutrient programs without disrupting nutrient equilibrium.
  • Simple application: Formulated for complete solubility, preventing clogging in spray lines or drip emitters, ensuring effortless application.
  • Bolsters disease resistance: Aids in fortifying disease resistance in plants, especially those deficient in magnesium, fostering robust growth from root to bloom.

How to Use -

  1. Address calcium deficiency in your plants by using Terra Aquatica CaliMagic Cal Mag Supplement.
  2. Apply 1.5ml per litre for standard situations.
  3. For Reverse Osmosis, administer 2ml per litre prior to adding nutrient solutions.
  4. Ensure thorough mixing and inclusion alongside your regular nutrient feeding programs.

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