Run off Drain tray 15" (38cm)

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Run off trays have to be the easiest run to waste solution ever invented!

These 200mm high catchment trays feature legs that can be trimmed as needed.

Includes a pre-drilled hole, nut, washers, and an elbow fitting for 19mm tubing or a threaded tee, with convenient plumbing that can be run underneath to save floor space.

The trays are perfectly moulded to drain the water to the drain point.

The drain point acts as a PH and EC checkpoint to ensure your run off is perfect!

The 38cm / 15-inch Runoff (Drain) Tray is compatible with nursery pots, fabric pots, and standard containers up to 36cm x 36cm.

Unlike typical drain pans, this tray prevents water overflow with its efficient drainage design.

Each tray comes with 11.6cm (4.56 inch) high PVC legs, 4cm (1.57 inch) in diameter, which can be trimmed and used to elevate off cold floors or closer to lighting systems.

The included 1.27cm (0.5 inch) MPT elbow fitting allows for flexible assembly to suit various growing applications.

Say goodbye to wet floors and hello to clean, hassle-free cultivation!

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