Rootit - Rooting Sponge Propagation Kit (24 Cells)

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Introducing ROOT!T - Rooting Sponge Propagation Kit

The ROOT!T Rooting Sponge Propagation Kit comes complete with a high quality seed tray propagator and a 24 cell insert tray filled with ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges that offer the latest and fastest rooting available today.

It also comes with a sterile scalpel and sachets of ROOT!T Rooting Gel and ROOT!T First Feed as well as a 'How to' guide on how to grow from cutting or seeds.


Information Regarding White Growth Found on Root!t Sponges

Mould will grow on almost any organic source if the humidity is sufficiently high.

Moulds are generally created by filamentous fungi that are omnipresent in the environment.

Sphagnum peat moss is no different from any other organic matter, such as bark, compost, coir, mulch, etc.

The moulds which grow on peat moss and growing media are saprophytic, meaning that they feed on dead plant material and are not pathogenic or harmful to plants or people. 

Unfortunately, mould can form unsightly colonies that appear on the surface of packaged growing media and in a few cases may create foul odours.

When nitrogen is part of a basic nutrient charge in growing media, the combination of nutrients, moisture, and temperature favour mould formation.

This may occur when storage temperatures are high in the summer. Moisture collects between the product and the packaging causing mould to sporulate. 

That being said, white mould growth on the ROOT!T Sponges is not harmful, and can indeed be beneficial.

We recommend to ‘air’ the plugs and wipe the visible mould off before use.

If mould is excessive and completely covers the plugs or if there are other colours than white, caution should be taken.

These are a natural product and are not sterilised deliberately to maintain a natural microbial life, to help prevent pathogens.

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