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Introducing Quest F9 Air Mover

The QUEST F9 low-profile air mover fits under grow tables and circulates 925 cubic feet of air per minute.

Research has shown stagnant CO2 accumulates under tables and airflow is essential.

The F9 radial air mover helps prevent stagnant, water-logged air that encourages plant-killing molds and fungus gnats.

Up to six F9s will daisy chain together on one 15-amp circuit. The F9 has no lights, ensuring total darkness during night cycles.

Grow strong, healthy plants—Use our F9 air movers to promote a clean growing environment.

The F9 comes with a 1-year 100% parts and labor warranty. 

Forceful Air Mover and Circulator

Designed to withstand frequent use indoors, the Quest F9 Air Mover is great at circulating air where you need it.

Working with 925 CFMs of airflow, this low-profile air mover and fan helps circulate and release trapped and stagnant Co2 that inhibits plant growth. 

For focused air flow, growers can connect ducting to the lip of the exhaust opening with layflat 14” or larger ducting.

Easy Maneuverability & Use

The Quest F9 is easily moved, transported, lifted, carried and more with the versatile features that make this air mover and fan easy to work with.

Effortlessly move the air mover with the following features:

  • Horizontal & Vertical Stacking – The low-profile design makes this fan easy to stack horizontally and vertically (Bookshelf stacking) for space-saving storage.
  • Integrated Handle – The integrated polypropylene handle makes it ergonomically easy to hold and move around with comfort.
  • Daisy-Chainable – Daisy-chain or hook up 6 Quest F9 fans at once on the same 15-amp circuit for more air flow.

Create ideal growing conditions with the Quest F9 Air Mover.

Operating with 925 CFMs of airflow, this durable fan is easily transportable and stored while the unit can easily be daisy-chained to 6 other units at once for optimal air flow and distribution.

The durable polypropylene housing makes maintenance and upkeep easy, and the low profile makes it a great tool for use inside commercial grow rooms.

Sturdy Construction

For growers, a well-designed air mover and fan will help tremendously with use, and the F9 Air Mover has a well-designed, durable polypropylene casing and exterior.

The durable exterior is easy to clean; just wipe with a cloth and water. Additionally, the air mover is held together by stainless steel fasteners for a tighter construction.

Additional Features

  • 1.9 Amps - Uses only 0.7 amps of power.
  • 750 CFMs -  Circulates 750 CFMs of airflow around gardening spaces.
  • Cord Wrap - Features a convenient cord wrap.
  • Onboard Circuit Breaker - Protects the unit and any daisy-chained devices. 
  • Branch Protection CFCI - Provides electrical shock protection in wet and humid environments.
  • Made in America - The Quest F9 is proudly made in America


Move more air and remove built-up Co2 with the Quest F9 Air Mover.

Designed with a sturdy polypropylene body, this portable air mover has 750 CFMs of air moving power and can be connected to 6 additional air movers.

What Customers Love

  • Daisy-Chain Capabilities – Move more air with more units, as the Quest F9 can be daisy-chained to 6 other Quest air movers.

What's In The Box?

  • Quest F9 Air Mover
  • Owners Manual

Manufacturer's Warranty

1-Year Warranty, 100% Parts & Labour

Maximum Amperage 0.7 Amps
Power Cord Length 20 ft.
Ceiling or Wall Cutout Length 20.25 in.
Automatic Oscillation No
Controls Manual
Adjustable Head No
Safety Certifications ETL
Type of Fan Low Profile/Thrust Air Mover
Weight 21 lbs.
Daisy-Chainable Yes
Built-In Heater No
Built-In Light No
Maximum Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) 750 CFM
Thermal Cutoff Protection No
Color Black
Ceiling Mountable No
Height 8.875 in.
Wall-Mountable No
Voltage 230-240 V V
Remote Control No
Number of Fan Speeds 1
GFCI Safety Plug No
Energy Star No
Industrial Use

Indoor Growing/Greenhouse



  • 43.1CM X 22.5CM X 52.0CM

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