Heavy Duty Potato Grow Bags - 38L (10 Gallon)

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The Potato Grow Bag offers a perfect solution for cultivating potatoes within constrained areas.

Crafted from resilient and breathable materials, the bag facilitates proper airflow throughout the root structure, promoting robust and vigorous plant growth, ultimately enhancing your yield.

Designed with sturdy handles, the bag ensures convenient mobility, and the front panel, which can be effortlessly opened and closed, allows for hassle-free harvest inspections.

How -

  1. Begin by filling approximately one third of the bag with a high-quality blend of potting mix and compost.
  2. Arrange your seed potatoes in the bag with their eyes facing upward, maintaining a spacing of around 15 cm between each potato.
  3. Cover the potatoes using 5 cm of the potting soil mixture, and then apply a layer of mulch.
  4. Select a sunny location to position the grow bag, and be sure to water it regularly.
  5. As the plant reaches a height of about 10 cm, introduce an additional 5 cm layer of soil and mulch, ensuring the top half of the leaves remains exposed. Repeat this step gradually until the bag is completely filled, as this practice enhances the potential harvest.
  6. Keep a lookout for the point when the leaves of the plant have withered; this indicates that your potatoes are prepared for harvesting.
  7. Utilize the front panel to conduct the harvesting process.


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Customer Reviews

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Andy K.
Strong & sturdy

I’ve planted out my bags and they seem well made and durable. Only negative, was that the box came completely wrapped in single use plastic 😕

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