PondMAX Pressure Filter/UV Clarifier PF4500UV

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These units create crystal clear water.

Enhance your pond upkeep with PondMAX Pressure Filter & UV Clarifiers, available in a range from PF2500UV to PF30000UV models.

These advanced pressurized pond filtration systems incorporate ultraviolet clarifiers to efficiently eradicate algae.

With their contemporary design and user-friendly features, maintenance becomes effortless, while their compact build ensures optimal performance.

Features & Benefits - 

  • Effective debris removal: The pressurized pond filtration system efficiently eliminates debris and impurities from your pond.
  • Algae elimination: Integrated ultraviolet clarifiers eradicate algae and harmful organisms, ensuring a clean and clear pond environment.
  • Effortless maintenance: Easily clean the filter by winding the handle located on top of the unit.
  • Space-saving design: The compact filter design is ideal for ponds with limited space, providing efficient filtration without taking up much room.
  • Model variety: Select from a range of PondMAX Pressure Filter & UV Clarifier models tailored to your pond's size and filtration needs.

How to use -

  1. Choose the appropriate PondMAX Pressure Filter & UV Clarifier model based on your pond's size and filtration needs.
  2. Install the pressure filter downstream from the pond pump, ensuring that the filter's maximum working pressure (0.3 bar = 3m) is not exceeded.
  3. Connect tubing between the pump and pressure filter, using the recommended tubing size specified for your chosen model.
  4. Ensure that the power source for the ultraviolet clarifier is correctly connected and operational.
  5. Start your pond pump to initiate the operation of the pressure filter and UV clarifier, effectively cleaning and clarifying your pond water.
  6. Periodically clean the filter by rotating the handle located on top of the unit as needed.

    Specifications - 

    Model: PF4500UV
    Max pond size without fish shaded (L): 4500
    Max pond size with fish full sun (L): 3000
    Max flow (L/H): 3600
    Volts (V): 240
    UV-C (W): 11
    Filter canister size (L): 20
    Hosetail inlet/outlet Ø (MM): 25 / 32 / 40
    Recommended tubing size (MM): 32
    Cable length (M): 5
    Measurements (MM) - Ø X H: 380 x 410


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