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MediMAX 236ml is a highly effective treatment designed to control and prevent gill diseases and bacterial infections in pond and aquarium fish.

The product is perfect for both koi and goldfish residing in ponds, as well as common aquarium fish species.

It helps you maintain a healthy and hygienic environment for your fish, preventing the spread of diseases that often result from adverse water quality conditions or external stress factors.

Features & Benefits - 

  • Controls Bacterial Infections: MediMAX successfully treats and prevents various bacterial infections that affect your fish, ensuring they live healthily.
  • Rapid Repair of Finrot and Ulcers: This treatment works quickly in healing finrot and ulcerous wounds commonly found on fish suffering from bacterial attacks, promoting rapid recovery.
  • Safe for Fish and Plants: MediMAX is carefully formulated to be safe for all fish species and plants in your pond or aquarium while effectively treating diseases.

How to use - 

  1. First, remove your filter media from the aquarium or pond.
  2. Dissolve 30ml (1 oz) of MediMAX in dechlorinated water for every 600 gallons of water to be treated. Ensure the calculated dosage is accurate.
  3. Add the dissolved treatment to your pond or aquarium.
  4. Allow the treatment to work for a 24-hour period. After this time, you can replace the filter media and monitor your fish for improvements.

Application Rates -

30ml – Treats up to 2,271 Litres

60ml – Treats up to 4,542 Litres

90ml – Treats up to 6,813 Litres

120ml – Treats up to 9,085 Litres

To Calculate Approximate Pond Capacity -

Length (M) X Width (M) X Average Depth.  (Measurements in Metres X 1000 For Litres)


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