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Introducing PondMAX BactiMAX Liquid, a superior solution for eliminating ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, uneaten fish food, fish waste, and organic debris from your pond, promoting a pristine and thriving aquatic habitat.

Safe for year-round application, this 940ml bottle ensures consistently clear pond water for optimal aquatic health and vitality.

Features & Benefits - 

  • Natural cleaning solution: Clears water using a blend of natural bacteria and enzymes, offering an eco-friendly way to keep your pond clean.
  • Improves filter performance: Enhances the efficiency of your pond's filtration system, reducing maintenance and prolonging its service life.
  • Safe for aquatic life: 100% non-toxic and safe for fish, plants, and other aquatic organisms living in your pond.
  • Versatile use: Designed for use in ponds of all sizes and types, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Easy-to-use liquid formula: It comes in a convenient 940ml bottle, simplifying the application process and ensuring optimal results.

How to use -

  1. Shake the PondMAX BactiMAX Liquid bottle thoroughly to ensure the mixture is combined together.
  2. Measure the appropriate dosage for your pond based on its size and the level of organic waste present. Generally, use 25ml of solution for every 1,000 litres of pond water.
  3. Pour the mixture evenly around the pond's surface.
  4. For the best results, apply PondMAX BactiMAX Liquid once a week to maintain clear water and a healthy environment for your pond's inhabitants.

Application rates - 

30ml – Treats Up To 1,420 Litres
60ml – Treats Up To 2,840 Litres
120ml – Treats Up To 5,678 Litres
240ml – Treats Up To 11,356 Litres

To Calculate Approximate Pond Capacity -

Length (M) X Width (M) X Average Depth.
(Measurements in Metres X 1000 For Litres)
(Previously Onefix Natural Clarifier)

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