LUXX 645W PRO Foldable LED Grow Light

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Clean By Design. Built For Performance. Focused On Efficiency. Luxx Lighting Is Constantly Improving to Help Growers Achieve Their Goals.

Like all of Luxx lights, the new LED was built on the principle of design, test & repeat. The LUXX 645 LED PRO has been developed by assessing SMD (Surface Mount Device) chips and drivers from leading manufacturers in controlled test applications and cultivation facilities for +3 years.

While other companies make you purchase additional accessories, the 645w LED Pro plug and play design ships ready to run, straight out of the box. 240v power cord included as well as an onboard dial that lets you dim a single unit. The onboard dimmer delivers the flexibility to dim the unit down to 40% total power for lower photon intensity, without affecting the quality of the spectrum.

Luxx 645 LED Features:

  • 6 bars
  • IP66 Waterproof
  • Mounts to Unistrut
  • UL/ ETL Listed
  • Manual & Auto Dimming
  • All in one design
  • Plug & Play
  • 5-year warranty

What Comes In The Box:

  • Solid Decking Mount (4 PCS)
  • RJ-14 Cable (2 PCS)
  • Controller Splitter (1 PC)
  • Lance Hanger (2 PCS)
  • Instruction Manual
  • Bubble Level (1 PC)
  • 10ft 240v cord NEMA 6-15P with a 240-110v plug adapter

Hanging LED's Has Never Been Easier

As cultivators, we are always seeking to increase canopy production, cleanliness and reduce maintenance time grow rooms. The Luxx fixture design removes clutter from mounting by easily attaching to uni-strut. LUXX 645 LED PRO allows the cultivator to adapt light movers to their room, removing the need for rope ratchets and extra wires in the grow room. This unique LED can be hung from either 2 or 4 contact points.

Uniform, Efficient Spectrum Using Industry Leading Diodes

The LUXX 645 LED PRO is made up of Samsung horticulture whites / blues and Osram reds. The respective companies lead the field in LED R&D, delivering high efficiency, reliability & diode performance. The LUXX 645 LED PRO deploys a lens angle of 120 degrees, from a 6-bar design, with a total of 2,226 diodes. The result is 1800 total Umol/s with an efficiency of 2.8 umol/j.

With Luxx, Quality Is More Than a Word!

In selecting an electronic driver for our light fixtures, we require a candidate to pass five critical reliability evaluations. Only then a driver can be considered for a Luxx Lighting fixture.

The tests we require include a wet/hot operating test under full load and maximum specified temperature, a thermal cycling test to check robustness of solder joints, a vibration test to check integrity of heavy components, an analysis of operating conditions for electrolytic capacitors to ensure their temperature and ripple currents are kept in check, and finally, a temperature evaluation of all critical components under various operating conditions to ensure sufficient guard bands vs maximum component specifications.

Our driver choice for our 645 LED Pro has undergone and passed such tests along with a .001% fail rate of the components.

Take Control Of Your Lights, Connect Up To 480 Luxx LED Fixtures!

The Luxx NX-1 Lighting Controller is a simple and powerful system for controlling your lighting equipment. It is compatible with all Luxx Lighting fixtures. A group of up to 40 Luxx Lighting LED fixtures can be connected to both the main RJ9 port and the auxiliary RJ9 port of the controller.

This mighty controller has many functions and features to ensure lighting is one less thing you need to worry about. Some of the features include; 24 Hour Timer (on/off with inverse function), Auto-dim at Set temp, 2 temp sensors (for two rooms), as well as two outputs to control up to 80 ballasts!

Are you running more than 80 lights? With the Luxx NX-200, used with the NX- 100, you can run up to 200 extra lights per channel! This gives you the ability to run 480 lights total (240 per channel.)

Technical Specifications

Input Power: 645W
Min Power Factor: >0.95%
Rated Mains Voltage: 120-277V
Voltage Range: 90-305V
Mains Frequency: 50/60Hz
Operation Frequency: 50/60Hz
THD: <10%
Thermal Management: Passive
Power Cord: 240V NEMA 6-15P (10 ft) Power Cord + 120V Adapter Included.
Dimming: 40% - 50% - 60% - 80% - 100% - EXT/OF


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