Jiffy-7 Propagation Pellets 42mm - 30pk

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Introducing Jiffy-7 Propagation Pellets 42mm - 30pk

Jiffy-7® pellets are a simple and easy way to grow your plants.

Just add water and they will expand, providing the perfect growing environment for your plants.

Jiffy-7® pellets are also incredibly cost effective, saving you money on both shipping and logistics.

So why not give your plants the best possible start with Jiffy-7® pellets? 

Propagation pellet for seeds and clones.

Just add water.

Labour saving container and media in one.

No transplant shock.

Cost efficient.

Open wall concept promotes fast germination and healthy root development.

How It Works:

Just place the pellets in your planting tray, soak with lukewarm water, and sow your seeds or cuttings.

Position the tray in a bright spot and before you know it, your plants will be sprouting!

When they've sprouted, just remove the cover and enjoy!

Best of all.

Jiffy Pellets are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, so you can get your garden started no matter what the weather is like.

Just be sure to never overwater or let them dry out - a little TLC is all they need to thrive. Get your Jiffy Pellets today and enjoy

  • Propagation pellet for seeds and clones. Just add water
  • Labour saving ‘container and media in one’
  • No transplant shock
  • Cost efficient
  • Open wall’ concept promotes fast germination and healthy rootdevelopment

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