Hydro Culture DWC 6 Pot Kit

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This high-performance water culture system stands out for its efficiency, layout diversity, and ease of use. 

This system uses negative water pressure to recycle oxygenated nutrient solution through the plant’s root zone, ensuring pH and EC levels remain consistent throughout the system.

Benefits of RDWC System 

Recirculating dwc systems improve plant health and accelerate cultivation rates and yield potential by providing plants with easy access to water, oxygen, and supplements.

Oxygenated water enables the plant roots to absorb supplements more efficiently, increasing plant growth rate substantially.

Evenly distributing nutrients to each connected growing site and maintaining consistent solution levels across all sites.

The constant flow of water helps to prevent algae, bacteria, and fungi from growing, while also keeping plant roots clean and free from infection.

RDWC systems are low maintenance. Once set up, the mineral solution only needs to be added to the central reservoir every one or two weeks.

Includes :

  • 6 x 20 lt pots
  • 1 x 20 lt reservoir
  • 1 x water pump
  • 1 x air pump
  • 6 x air stones 

All tubbing and fittings including in this kit 

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