Hydro Bitz Measuring Syringe 3 Pack - 20mL

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Get accurate measurements with this 20ML plastic syringe, perfect for measuring nutrients, automotive tasks, and various other applications around the home or work place. 

Made of highly translucent polypropylene, ensuring clear visibility of measured volumes.

Features and Benefits -

  • Accurate measurement: Clearly marked measurement increments ensure precise liquid measurements for gardening liquids like nutrient solutions, fertilisers, and pH adjustments.
  • Easy to clean: Smooth, durable plastic construction allows for quick and easy cleaning after each use, preventing cross-contamination.
  • Reusable: These syringes are designed for multiple uses, making them an economical choice for your gardening tasks.
  • Compact design: Easy to store and transport, our measuring syringes fit conveniently in your gardening toolkit.
  • Safe and user-friendly: Very easy & safe to operate

How to Use -

  1. Insert the syringe's nozzle into the liquid you want to measure, making sure not to submerge the entire syringe to avoid contamination of the liquid container.
  2. Pull the syringe's plunger up to draw the liquid into the syringe, ensuring you reach your desired measurement level.
  3. Dispense the liquid from the syringe into your target container or site, making sure to release the plunger slowly and steadily for precision.
  4. Clean the syringe thoroughly with warm water and mild soap after each use to maintain accuracy and extend its lifespan.

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