Hailea Magnetic Air Pump - ACO208 - 2280L/hr

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Introducing the Hailea Magnetic Air Pump.

Elevate your garden's vitality with the Hailea Magnetic Air Pump, a reliable and durable air pump created for use in aquaponics, hydroponics, and aquariums.

Crafted from top-quality materials and equipped with advanced features, this air pump guarantees peak performance, all while conserving energy, delivering ample air output, and maintaining a steady air pressure.

Features & Benefits - 

  • The casing is constructed from high-quality ZL-102 aluminum alloy, featuring a sleek and streamlined design.
  • Efficient heat dissipation is achieved through the use of finned aluminum.
  • Utilizes advanced technology and durable materials for extended trouble-free operation and low operating costs.
  • Requires minimal maintenance as it is piston-driven, with no need for oil or diaphragm replacements.
  • Operates with straight-line reciprocal motion to produce air.
  • Employs St-3 new-type wearing-resistant materials for the cylinder and piston, resulting in lower power consumption, high air-output, and elevated air pressure.
  • Designed with non-oil lubrication to purify compressed air.
  • Suitable for use in water treatment equipment, as an air supply for aquariums, Hydroponic systems, printers, and liquid transmission.

Specifications - 

Max Flow Rate (L/hr): 2280
Manifold Outlets: 4
Pressure (kpa): 15
Power Usage (Watts): 16
Voltage (Volts AC): 240
Main Air Outlets: 1
Noise (dB): 50
Weight (kg): 0.9
Dimensions (mm) L x W x H: 142 x 80 x 78

    How to use -

    1. Position the Hailea Piston Air Pump on a stable and even surface in proximity to your water system, ensuring it stays clear of direct water contact.
    2. Establish a secure connection between the air pump outlets and the suitable air tubes, diffusers, or air stones, submerging them within the water.
    3. Plug the air pump into a correctly grounded electrical socket.
    4. Turn on the air pump, and relish the advantages of enhanced oxygenation and aeration for your plants and aquatic inhabitants.

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