Growy Root Pot Fabric Grow Bag - 16L

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Introducing the 16L Growy Root Pot: Unleash Your Plant's Full Potential

Give your plants the ultimate growing environment with our innovative Growy Root Pot. This revolutionary fabric pot promotes healthy, vigorous growth by eliminating root circling and encouraging a robust root network.

Here's how the Growy Root Pot benefits your plants:

  • Dramatic Root Growth: The unique, breathable fabric allows air to prune roots, stimulating the growth of secondary roots for a denser, more efficient root system.
  • Faster Growth & Development: Improved root health translates to faster growth and a healthier plant overall.
  • Superior Drainage & Aeration: The fabric construction allows for excellent drainage and air circulation, preventing waterlogging and promoting healthy root function.
  • No More Root Bound: Say goodbye to circling roots! The Growy Root Pot encourages outward root growth, preventing your plant from becoming pot-bound.
  • Reusable: The Growy Root Pot is reusable for multiple growing seasons. It's also lightweight and folds flat for easy storage.

Growy Root Pot Features:

  • Breathable fabric promotes air pruning and healthy root growth
  • Increased nutrient and water uptake for optimal plant health
  • Eliminates root circling for unrestricted growth
  • Speeds up plant growth and development
  • Excellent drainage and aeration prevent waterlogging
  • Reusable for 4-5 growing seasons
  • Available in sizes from 8 liters to 56 liters
  • Folds flat for easy storage with convenient carry handles
  • Suitable for all growing mediums

Specifications -

  • Size: 16L(5 Gallon)
  • Width: 28cm
  • Height: 25cm
  • Material: 260 GSM
  • Stitching: Double stiched on seams

Give your plants the gift of healthy roots and unlock their full potential with the Growy Root Pot!

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Grow Bag

This product is good quality, very happy with the bags and the seller. We'll see how many spuds we get, happy camper.

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