Grow Tent Kit Complete With Light, Fan & Carbon Filter - 100 x 100x 200

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Introducing The Ultimate Grow Tent Kit For The Beginner Or Experienced Grower!

This Kit comes complete with :

  • Pro Grow Tent 100 x 100 x 200
  • Pro Grow UFO 500W LED Light
  • Phresh Hyperfan 6" 
  • Phresh carbon Filter 150x300 

Each Individual Product in this Tent kit has been Analysed by one of our professional Growers to make sure they all work together for the prefect Grow Cycle, Here at Grow Kings we can assure you in our professional opinion that this is one of the best Tent Kits on the market for its size. 

Pro Grow Tent :

Pro Grow Tent design was a collaborative effort between Wholesale Horticultural Group and 20 of Australia’s leading retail grow stores.

The best quality and value grow tent that meets customer needs without compromise. Pro Grow Tent offers industry leading performance, superior weight holding and a long service life.

Features over-engineered white powder coated poles & high strength ABS plastic corners.

Heavy duty industrial zippers professionally sewn into double stitched light proof 600D Mylar fabric.

Removable waterproof flooring with a raised drain bar.

High pressure cfm support bars, multiple dual drawstring socks for electrical equipment and ducting ports.

Insect proof ventilation ports, external gear hangers and an internal tool bag.

Pro Grow UFO 500W LED Light :

This 500W LED Light is perfect for the 100x100x200 Tent!

This innovative new product offers an outstanding efficacy of over 2.1 µmol/J, thanks to its blend of top bin SMD diodes from Samsung and Osram.

With a full spectrum light output of 4,000 K and a CRI of 91.8, the UFO LED is perfect for any growing application.

Its ultra-reliable Optimum drivers guarantee long-term performance, while the die-cast aluminium housing dissipates heat effectively for cool, fanless and silent operation.

IP-55 water resistant and cleanable housings make the UFO LED ideal for use in any environment, while extended reliability ensures that your plants get the light they need when they need it most.

Phresh Carbon Filter 150 x 300 :

Looking for a high-quality air filter? Look no further than Phresh Filters! Our filters are machine packed with 46mm RC-48 activated, certified virgin carbon to ensure maximum carbon density.

Plus, our 51% open air custom mesh design helps make these filters half the weight of other filters!

Phresh hyperFan 6"

Phresh hyperfans are by far the best fan on the market!

For greenhouse/grow room design, static pressure is the most important factor in ventilation.

Simply put, static pressure refers to the airflow resistance of the components and duct work in a ventilation system.

The air pressure must be greater than the resistance to the flow.

The higher the fans static pressure rating (Pa) the greater its ability to remove either hot or stale air from the environment.

Hyperfan V2™ has this covered with the highest static pressures of any fan type, (up to 680 Pa), and features brand new proprietary 0-10 V, 9 pole EC exclusive motors.

The coupling of taper blade technology, optimised laminar stator design and next gen 9 pole digital EC motors result in a fan that delivers unrivalled pressure, more linear airflow, quieter operation and the highest energy efficiency. 

These motors are compatible with Gavita ELF 1 & 2 Master Controllers, and provide seamless, speed adjustment from a complete stop (0 rpm) up to full power without any droning or motor degradation.

In addition, fan blade balance has been refined to near perfect tolerances, which reduces air noise and increases bearing life.

Plus, new steel housings increase fan strength and integrity. 

Phresh Hyper Fan Features :

  • New 9 pole digital EC "brush-less" motors
  • EC digital brushless motors are quieter, operate at lower temperatures, energy efficient and reliable
  • Higer fan efficiency @ 7.85 CFM per watt
  • Higher linear air flow output than other fans
  • High Pressure Laminar Air Flow/Taper Blade & Stator Technology
  • Detachable fully variable speed controller included with each fan
  • Sturdy steel housing and Abec 7 ball bearings
  • 0 - 10V controller compatible via RJ9 or RJ11 cable
  • Compatible with Climate Control V2 (sold separately)
  • 2 Year Warranty

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