Green Pad Co2 Generator - Original (5 Pack)

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Introducing Green Pad Original - 5 Pack

The Green Pad Original CO2 Generator is a unique and powerful way of boosting the ambient CO2 in your cultivation setup.

The Green Pad absorbs your rooms humidity to power its CO2 generating reactions. It uses a unique combination of carbons and acids that react to humidity to begin a measure release of CO2.

The Green Pad Original is perfect for grow tents and will provide rapid and more vigorous green growth!  CO2 is essential for plant growth and development. Research has proven that increasing ambient CO2 can increase growth rates by as much as 30%!

See the vigorous growth that the GreenPad can provide!

  • 5 Pack

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Justyn P.
Great Product for your grow tent!

Much prefer these pads over mushroom bags!
They reduce the humidity and general moisture reducing mould and other issues.
Take up next to no space.
Highly recommend.

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