FOHSE LED Grow Light - Scorpio 1000W - Samsung Diodes - IP67

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Introducing The FOHSE LED Grow Light - Scorpio 1000W - Samsung Diodes - IP67

The Fohse LED Light Scorpio 1000W is a high-powered and efficient grow light that is built with the same technology as the A3i model.

It offers unrivaled intracanopy illumination with swiveling light bars that achieve maximum canopy penetration via cross illumination to neighboring plots.

It eliminates the need for bulb replacements, saving labor costs, hazardous waste fees and other expenses associated with maintaining an HPS system.

The Scorpio also has innovative heat management, making it cool to the touch even when running at full power.

It is also dustproof, watertight and can withstand harsh growing conditions.

It is easy to install and integrate into any environment, and the company offers support and guidance from experts for those new to high-intensity lighting.

Built with the same secrets behind the most powerful and efficient grow light in the world (our A3i model).

Unrivalled Intracanopy Illumination

One of the most significant problems facing every other LED model on the market is low output coupled with poor canopy penetration. The Scorpio is the most powerful AND efficient grow light in its class. Swivelling light bars achieve maximum canopy penetration via cross illumination to neighbouring plots.

Zero Bulb Change Expenses

How much would you save if your grow never had to replace another bulb? Between labor costs, hazardous waste fees, tedious cleaning, the cost of the bulbs themselves, and the inevitable replacement of worn out ballasts, maintaining an HPS system is a never-ending burden to your bottom line. Eliminate the burden entirely by switching to Fohse LED. Buy right, buy once.

Innovative Heat Management

The Scorpio is built to go where no HID system has ever been. With thousands of square inches of heat-dissipating surface area, a Scorpio running at full power is cool to the touch. Couple that with absolutely no ‘IR spike’ and it’s no wonder the Scorpio is the best-of-the-best in the class of multi-level grow lights.

This is Efficiency Done Right

The Scorpio is capable of the same incredible photosynthetic photon efficacy figures as its larger cousin, the A3i. Its secret? An abundance of diodes so no individual diode is ‘overclocked’ to run less efficiently.

Safe to Handle. No More Burns

It's no secret that the heat from typical HPS grow lamps is a safety hazard. At full power the Scorpio is about as hot as a sink full of dish water.

Dustproof. Watertight.

Your growing environment isn’t the friendliest place for sensitive electronics. That’s why the Scorpio can withstand the intense conditions of your grow. It’s impervious to hitchhikers (dust, mites, aphids, spores). It can even withstand full submersion in 1 metre of water..

Easily Integrate Any Environment

The Scorpio installation is simple and the learning curve with high-quality LED is short. If you’ve never cultivated under high-intensity light levels, we have a long list of cultivation experts who have had success with our fixtures standing by to coach you and your team to incredible harvests.


Wattage and Power

  • Wattage at Full Power = 1000 (+/-30 watts due to common variability in driver consumption. This is measured at the plug and NOT at the internal power supply like some manufactures claim. This means that 1000 watts is pulled from the outlet)
  • Voltage Options - Low Voltage Model accepts 100v up to 277v & High Voltage option accepts 250v up to 480v
  • Amperage at Full Power (Amps = Watts * Volts) 8.3A @ 120V; 4.8A @ 208V; 4.16A @ 240V; 3.61A @ 277; 2.88A @ 347V; 2.08A @ 480V


  • Standard = 2.8PPE at Max Power 3.0PPE When Dimmed to 50%
  • Standard Average Max PPF Output = 2,800 uMols


  • 301H 3500K diodes from Samsung (This is a full spectrum white diode that generates the warmer colours)
  • 301H 6000K diodes from Samsung (This is a full spectrum white diode that generates the cooler colours)
  • Hyper Red 660nm diodes from Osram
  • Far Red 730nm diodes from Osram

Suggested Installation Distances

  • Height = 1ft Min distance to Canopy ; 6ft Max distance to Canopy
  • Spacing = 5ft Min center to center distance ; 7ft Max center to center distance


  • Dimmability - Dims down to 30% in 1% increments
  • Power Cord Length - 3.05 Meters
  • Communication Cable Length included with each light is 3.05 Meters
  • Power Supply - Inventronics


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