Premium Indoor Plant Blend - Coco Coir, Coco Chips & Perlite - 10L

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The Ideal Blend For Those Indoor Plant Enthusiasts!

Introducing Our Premium Indoor Plant Blend - Coco Coir Coco Chips & Perlite

This premium blend has been carefully hand mixed to cater to Indoor plant groups such as Aroids, which could include Aglaonemas, monsteras, Alocasias, philodendrons, pothos, ZZ plants & Many more.

The excellence of these plants is determined by the potting medium.

Choosing the appropriate Growing medium for Aroids is not merely a matter of personal preference, it is a crucial factor in ensuring their overall well-being and vigor.

Formulating the perfect potting mix for Aroids entails combining distinct ingredients, each offering unique advantages and characteristics to the substrate.

Coco Coir Chips - 

Coco Coir Chips offer a superb substitute for conventional peat moss.

Originating from the outer shell of coconuts, these chips are renowned for their outstanding drainage and aeration attributes.

They effectively prevent waterlogging by facilitating rapid drainage of excess moisture while maintaining sufficient moisture to nourish the roots.

Furthermore, coco coir chips maintain a pH-neutral profile, ensuring they do not affect the grow mediums acidity, a critical factor in preserving the well-being of Aroids.

Perlite -

Perlite, a type of volcanic glass, undergoes heating and expansion to form lightweight, airy granules.

Integral to Aroid potting blends, it improves soil drainage and prevents compaction, ensuring roots remain free of water saturation and lowering the likelihood of root rot.

Additionally, perlite promotes aeration, facilitating optimal root respiration and growth efficiency.

Coco Coir - 

Coco Coir is an organic material made from premium dried coconut husks and is ideal for use with potted plants

Scientifically validated to accelerate growth compared to conventional soil or potting mix, Coco Coir is also rich in beneficial organic bacteria.

Additionally it contains Trichoderma, which facilitates fast root stimulation and promotes plant health, also fighting diseases.

It provides excellent aeration for optimal root growth, retains nutrients well, and boasts exceptional water retention.

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