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Introducing our Premium Coco Coir Perlite 70 / 30 Blend 

The Premium Coco Perlite 70/30 blend is perfect for gardeners seeking a flexible, top-notch growing medium for their plants.

It caters to a wide range of plant varieties, from fruits and vegetables to flowers and herbs.

With the combined advantages of coco coir, perlite, and Trichoderma, it caters to both indoor and outdoor gardening enthusiasts aiming for enhanced plant growth and vitality.

Coco Perlite is crafted from a mixture of 70% premium desiccated coconut husk (coir) and 30% perlite, creating a dependable and user-friendly substrate for hydroponic setups.

Its RHP certification guarantees consistent quality, free from pests and diseases, meticulously rinsed, pH balanced, pre-buffered with calcium & Magnesium, and boasting an exceptionally low salt index.

Coco Perlite strikes a fine balance between retaining moisture and facilitating drainage, enabling gardeners to provide nutrient solutions more regularly, ensuring stable nutrient levels.

It serves as an excellent substrate to guarantee the availability of nutrients throughout plant growth.

The combination of coco coir and perlite creates a dynamic duo blend that enhances soil quality for both indoor and outdoor gardening applications.

The Coco coir Perlite Blend is derived from natural sources and devoid of any harmful chemicals or impurities.

It offers a pristine and secure environment for plant growth, promoting the well-being of both plants and gardeners alike.

Key Features & Benefits - 

  • Washed Coco Coir.
  • Pre buffered with Calcium & Magnesium & pH stabilised.
  • High water absorption & essential air ratio.
  • Contains beneficial Trichoderma to help promote healthier plants and higher yields
  • Biodegradable Ingredient.
  • Crafted to the utmost standards to ensure a secure and efficient growing substrate.
  • Free from pests.
  • Suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor gardening
  • Features RHP premium quality.

How to Use -

  1. Put on gardening gloves and prepare your plant pots, containers, or grow bags.
  2. Open the 10L bag of Premium Coco Coir Perlite 70/30 mix.
  3. Fill your plant pots, containers, or grow bags with the mix, leaving enough space at the top for watering and feeding.
  4. Transplant your seedlings, clones, or plants into the filled containers, ensuring they are firmly placed and making contact with the mix.
  5. Water your plants as needed, following an appropriate feeding schedule and adjusting as required for your specific plant types.

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