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Can be used as a growing medium or incorporate it into your coco coir mix to enhance drainage and aeration.

Coco chips consist of small Coco Coir pieces that blend the desirable traits of peat and fiber.

These chips boast a significant surface area, acting like a sponge to retain moisture and nutrients.

Unlike tightly compacted materials, they maintain a loose structure, facilitating ample air circulation between them and enhancing aeration.

This reduced compaction encourages unhindered root growth and fosters superior drainage.

Coco coir and its fibers are frequently utilized for indoor houseplants due to their moisture-retaining properties and optimal air circulation, which helps prevent root rot.

Key Benefits -

  • Superior drainage capabilities
  • Low salt content
  • Stable pH levels
  • Buffered with calcium and magnesium
  • Ideal for hydroponics
  • Suitable for a variety of vegetables and flowers
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Provides high water retention and optimal air porosity

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