Sea-Hawk Cloning Station 24 Cutting Spaces

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Introducing the Sea-Hawk Cloning station with 24 Cutting spaces.

A compact, 24 site aeroponic propagator with clear humidity covering.

Includes pump, three colours of neoprene disks for identifying different plant varieties and a spare set of 5 misting jets

  • Faster root development than conventional propagation methods
  • Automated cloning made easy
  • Sprayers irrigate media from underneath
  • Comes with Clear Plastic Dome

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

You won’t find anything else that does the job like the Seahawk Aeroponic Cloner!!

Nothing comes close to this device,Takes less than 2 weeks for ROOTS TOO BE VISIBLE…
Didn’t have any dropping leaves or any discolouration in any of the clones at all…
After using this device I wouldn’t use anything else 💯
I’ll be purchasing another one very soon that for sure..
Thanks Grow Kings 👌

Sea hwk

This product he made it easy to help gain great healthy roots for my cutting and made it a breeze in producing big healthy clones

Mark O.

I am 21 days into using the Seahawk aeroponic cloner and the jury is still out. Mind you, I am trying to strike feijoas, whose cuttings are notoriously difficult. I was warned by one expert that aeroponics, like hormones, doesn't help with feijoas, but I gave it a go with the Seahawk cloner. I know from experience that feijoa cuttings are slow to strike, but will drop leaves and die instantly if the leaves are not kept misted or very damp. Was disappointed to find that the aeroponic cloner directs all its misting onto the roots. I removed three of the styrofoam inserts so that some of the mist would escape into the upper chamber where the leaves are, without hopefully letting too much light into the root chamber. This seemed OK. PH also OK. Filtered daylight and moderate artificial light supplied.
After 14 days I thought I noticed the cambium rings on the cut ends of some of the cuttings swelling or becoming whiter and more visible. But after 22 days there is still no clear sign of roots appearing.

James C.

100% success rate

Wade W.
Great quality product

Fast delivery and so far its working really well.

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