Bluelab Pulse EC / MC Hand Held Multi Meter

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Introducing the Bluelab Pulse Ec / Mc Meter

The innovative new handheld Bluelab Pulse™ Meter allows growers to get fast, accurate measurements directly in the root zone sent direct-to-mobile.

Enhanced technology sends data directly to the Bluelab Pulse™ app, providing growers with fast and accurate information to better manage crop health, without the need to connect to a computer.

Pulse measures three key growth components to help growers create their own unique recipe for better yields and consistently healthier plants.

Optimise your root zone

No more pour-throughs, slurries or extractions

The Bluelab Pulse Meter will enable you to accurately measure EC, moisture and temperature with a single click. When you optimise your root zone, you’ll be able to unlock your plants’ full potential.

All plants need the right amount of food (nutrients) in order to thrive; measuring conductivity will ensure that your plants have access to the right amount of nutrients at every growth stage.

You also need to measure moisture so that you can optimise your irrigation cycles and water consumption while controlling the risk of root infections. Lastly, by regularly measuring temperature, you’ll be able to spot temperature fluctuations and optimise root function.

  • Moisture - Optimise irrigation cycles and water consumption.
  • Nutrients (EC / PPM) - Optimise growth by ensuring the right amount of nutrients at every growth stage.
  • Temperature - Spot fluctuations, optimise root function and control the health of biologicals.

Bluelab Pulse Meter Features & Benefits

  • Test more in a shorter time frame with fast sensor-response (under 10 seconds per measurement depending on temperature).
  • Measures in a range of growing media including; soil, nutrient solution, coco coir blends and potting mix
  • Analyse, review and interrogate key data within the app
  • Wireless smartphone syncing and back up of all measurements
  • Quick in and out of range measurement indicators on the device with Blink™ technology.
  • Built in depth gauge to ensure consistent depth measurements
  • Information to reduce errors and prevent plant loss


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