Autopot Hydropak 8 Pot Starter Kit

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Introducing The AUTOPOT Hydropak Starter 8 Pot Kit

The Hydropak starter kit is a great starter solution with all the components packed within the 35 litre tank for efficient packaging and shipping!

This kit includes the Hydrotray Double 10" module, perlite/vermiculite mix (50/50), nutrient, filter, tubing, fittings and instruction booklet.
The Hydropak is ideal for tomato, capsicums, eggplants, cucumbers, and a wider variety of plants.

It's amazing the variety and size of plants that can be grown from a 10” pot.

Commercial Autopot® users grew thousands of tomato plants with outstanding results using the same growing units as the starter kits. 

The tank, tray and pots are plastic which allows their use in or outdoor, and with a 35 litre supply of nutrient you would have 4 to 5 weeks supply for young plants and at least 3 weeks supply for strongly growing plants nearing maturity.

The Hydropak starter kit can be extended to add more growing points.

You can add whichever Autopot® growing module you choose by simply connecting the additional unit to the same supply tank via tubing and joiners.

No need to check for conductivity & pH daily. Accurate watering with no run-off. Saves water and nutrients. Can be left unattended for weeks!

If you want to start with a bigger system, the Autopot® 8 Pot Kit gives you some more options for growing more plants or different varieties using our most popular growing unit - the Hydrotray Double 10" module.
The 8 pot kit contains the following items:-
* 4 x Hydrotray Double 10" trays with lids
* 1 x Hydrotank - 35L
* 4 x Smart-valves
* 8 x 10" pots
* 8 x Marix root control mats 
* 1 x roll of 4mm tubing (10m)
* 4 x 4mm T-joints
* 1 x 4mm filter 
* 5 x 4mm taps
* 1 x Instruction booklet


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Customer Reviews

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Doc R.
Autopot - Second time around.

This is my second time using the Autopot system. My first was around 10 years ago when I grew cherry tomatoes to a height of around 2.5 metres! I also grew cucumbers on a vertical trellis with great crop yields.
The system is extremely easy to install and I have seedling popping up within 2 weeks of sowing. I am using the system to grow herbs and veggies inside a greenhouse that I recently purchased. I could fit in another 8 pots, so this will probably be my next purchase.

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