Turkey Tail - Aussie Mushroom Kit

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Introducing Turkey Tail - Aussie Mushroom Kit

Trametes Versicolor – Turkey Tail – Grow kit

This is a beautiful multicoloured banded polypore mushroom.

Turkey Tail mushroom is largely known for it’s medicinal properties and is used widely in conjunction with western medicine.

Turkey tail is a very slow fruiting fungi, so patience is needed when fruiting this kit.

Type: medicinal usage and compounds, research

Characteristics: Multicoloured fruitbodies, Fruiting bodies are unpalatable, but when prepared correctly can be consumed as a tea or extract. Contains functional medicinal properties.

Best Temperature Range: Medium Low 8-23°C fruiting temperature

Due to the extra skill needed, we would recommend this kit to a grower who has moved on from the novice stage

Please note these cultures are for personal use only

NOTE: Store Mushroom Kit in Fridge if not using straight away.

Step 1 Open your Ready-to-grow mushroom kit box and check the label on the bag inside to determine mushroom species.

Step 2 Are you ready to use the Ready to grow Mushroom kit? If the answer is no, place the kit in a cold fridge (1-5 degrees). Mushrooms can be kept in fridge for up to 8 weeks. If the answer is yes move on to  step 3

Step 3 Take your kit out of the box, place it on the bench and allow air to inflate the bag. (NOTE: Air is removed during transport to fit in the box).

Step 4 Approximately 1 inch above the substrate, with a pen punch 4x holes into the bag. The holes allow the Co2 created from the mushrooms to escape from the bag.

Step 5 Cut bag open at top for misting.

Step 5 Mist approximately every 2 days OR if there are no water droplets on the internal plastic walls of the bag. Peg bag closed when not misting. (see image below)

Step 6 Harvest your mushrooms. When your mushrooms are ready, pick all of them at once and then close the bag up again and wait for another flush to come through.


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